Trout Fishing in East Metro


Cenaiko Lake is located within Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, operated by Anoka County Parks. This basin is a 28.5 acre man-made lake with a maximum depth of 36'. There is ample parking and a walking trail around the lake. Anoka County also maintains a fishing pier on the this lake.

Cenaiko Lake is a designated stream trout lake. This special designation means fishing is allowed only during the stream trout season, and only anglers possessing a current trout stamp may fish here. Fishing for species other than trout is prohibited when the trout season is closed. Consult the Minnesota fishing regulations for the exact dates. Additional restrictions on a designated trout lake include a prohibition on the use of live minnows for bait, limiting anglers to the use of one line with one hook at any time (summer or winter), and a limit on fishing hours between 1 hour before sunrise to 11:00 P.M.

We stock this lake with yearling trout twice each year, once in the spring before the fishing opener, and once in the late fall after the open water season is ended.

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The East Metro Area has two stocked trout streams.

The Vermillion River (and its tributaries) is a designated trout stream from 1.1 mile downstream of the U.S. Highway 52 bridge upstream to Highview Avenue in Eureka Township. Much of this stretch of stream harbors a self-sustaining population of brown trout. That portion of the stream within Rambling River Park in Farmington is stocked with yearling rainbow trout annually prior to the opening day of the trout season.

This stream has a special regulation which limits trout fishing to catch-and-release only, except that statewide regulations apply to that portion of the stream between Denmark Avenue and State Highway 3 in Farmington. Most of this 2-mile reach is within Rambling River Park in Farmington.

Brown trout are moderately abundant in the Vermillion, with a good population of larger fish available. There are several stretches of stream with public access.

More detailed information on the Vermillion, including a map indicating public fishing areas.

Brown's Creek is located at the north edge of Stillwater. Trout inhabit that portion of the creek from below State Highway 96 and the mouth, located near the intersection of State Highway 96 and State Highway 95.

This stream is stocked annually with yearling brown trout. There are three areas with public access on this stream. The first section runs from the western bridge over Brown's Creek on McKusick Road to approximately 300 feet below the Neal Ave bridge. The second reach with public access extends approximately 2,000 feet upstream of the eastern McKusick Ave crossing. A third area offering public fishing runs from the mouth at the St. Croix River upstream to the posted boundary just below Stonebridge Trail. A designated parking area is located along the north side of Hwy 96 just west of the junction of Hwy 96 and Hwy 95.

The trout population of Brown's Creek is generally limited to stocked fish. The stream occasionally produces a natural year class, but most stocked fish are usually caught and few survive more than one season. A larger fish is occasionally taken, but most fish harvested are from that year's stocking. The lower portion of the stream is very wild and scenic, and fishing here can be a very rewarding experience despite the limited quality of the fish population.

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