Survey Schedule

Survey and Assessment Schedule - 2013

Each year we are responsible for keeping tabs on what is going on in the lakes, rivers and streams within Todd, Morrison, Benton and Mille Lacs counties. Here we have posted our tentative schedule for your information.


Potential  ice out work 2013

Lake County Sample Dates
Big Birch Todd April -
Shamineau Morrison April-
Little Rock Benton April-
Mille Lacs Mille Lacs April-


Potential panfish assessment work 2013

Lake County Sample Dates
Shakopee Mille Lacs June
Round (NE) Morrison June
Mill Todd June
Sullivan/Platte Morrison June
Mound Todd June

Standard Lake Survey work 2013

Lake County Sample Dates
Thunder Todd June 17-21
Shakopee Mille Lacs June 24-28
Round (CR) Morrison July 1-5
Sullivan Morrison July 8-12
Mill Todd July 15-19
Cedar (Upsula) Morrison July 23-27 
Round (NE) Morrison July 29-August 2
Turtle Todd August  5-9
Round (Bergstrom) Morrison August  12-16
Latimer Todd August 20-24