Recent Lake Survey Summaries

Here are preliminary summaries of recent sampling not yet posted on LakeFinder, or survey types not found there. Different gear target fish species and sizes quite differently; for example, northern pike and walleye are better caught by gill nets, while bluegill are better caught with trap nets. Values of black crappie might be from either net type. Spring ("ice-out") sampling targets northern pike, walleye, or muskellunge. Our net-based surveys under-sample largemouth bass; electrofishing better evaluates bass abundances and size structures, but requires extra sampling with different equipment.

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Electrofishing 2015

We sampled using electrofishing--  running electricity through the water with a specialized boat-- late spring/early summer to better sample largemouth bass (LMB) than nets used in primary lake survey methods.

Lake (County) Date Species Number per hour Average length (in) Max length (in)
Lower Prior (Scott)
  6/1 & 2/15
LMB 125 9.3 16.2
Upper Prior (Scott)
LMB 87 8.6 15.8
Spring (Scott)
  5/19 & 21/15
LMB 22 13.2 18.4
Zumbra (Carver)
LMB 49 10.8 20.1


Spring Sampling 2015

Soon after ice-out, we checked Lower Prior Lake to see size and age composition of larger adult walleye and northern pike. We also measured any largemouth bass captured. Results are from 40 total net locations.

Fish Species Number Average Length (in) Max. Length (in)
Lower Prior Walleye 165 18.3 26.6
(Scott) Northern Pike 8 26.7 33.3
4/6-10/15 Largemouth Bass 1 n / a 16.9

Notes:  walleye-- 30% 14-16.9 inches, 37% 17-19.9 inches, 33% 20 inches or larger;  northern pike-- 3 of 8 fish 24-29.9 inches, 2 of 8 fish 30 inches or larger (both in 33-inch size group)


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