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Notices & Updates (last updated 6/18/14)

Local Seasonal Fish Die-Offs; Bacterial Cause Confirmed in Two Scott Co. Lakes

Reports have been received about fish die-offs in multiple lakes this early summer.  The timings, patterns, and mortality numbers were consistent with columnaris or similar bacterial-related cause.  Testing from DNR Ecological & Water Resources Pathology Lab June 5 confirmed columnaris bacteria in fish sampled from Carls (McMahon) and Cedar lakes in Scott County.

Other local lakes with similar die-offs (cause suspected but unconfirmed) in late spring/early summer 2014: Bavaria, Calhoun, Harriet, Grace, Independence, Lake of the Isles, Medicine, Minnetonka (Seton Lake area), Minnewashta, Spring, Prior, and Waconia.  Of these waters, only Bavaria and Grace have not had this type of kill at least once within the last six years. Columnaris was confirmed in Minnetonka and Spring in the early 2000s during this time of year.  An August 2008 kill in Lake Minnewashta had a confirmed presence of Aeromonas hydrophilus bacteria.

Spring 2014 Stockings:  Walleye Fry, Post-Winterkill Recovery, Muskellunge Yearlings, Trout

In addition to the FiN Fishing Pond stockings, this spring our office has stocked its fry-stocked walleye lakes, Lake Minnetonka muskie (deferred fall 2013 quota), several waters affected by 2013-14 winterkill, and rainbow trout. Stocking summary (lakes listed alphabetically; * indicates post-winterkill re-stocking/increased stocking):

Walleye fry:  Cedar (Scott Co.), Eagle* (Carver Co.-- 142% over quota), Mitchell*, Parley, Waconia

Bluegill & Largemouth Bass pre-spawn adults: Cleary*, Duck*, Mitchell*, Penn*, Red Rock*

Black Crappie pre-spawn adults: Duck*

Muskellunge (muskie) yearlings: Minnetonka (2,700 fish; purchased from private-source contract)

Rainbow Trout yearlings: Christmas (1,000 fish; 0.55 lb average), Courthouse (3,000 fish; 0.38 lb avg)

Winter 2013-14 Low Oxygen, Winterkills 

Low late-winter oxygen levels and/or winterkill evidence (fish carcass sightings) were observed in some shallow waters during the severe 2013-14 winter.  For a list of affected waters and information on the phenomenon, check our Winterkills page. Any waters sampled post-winterkill have a results summary on our Recent Fish Surveys page.

Eagle Lake (Hennepin County) Northern Pike Spearing Ban Lifted December 2, 2013

Winter spearing for northern pike is now allowed in Eagle Lake (city of Maple Grove, Hennepin County), effective December 2, 2013. All other current applicable State Laws and Regulations for the lake and spearing remain.

Lake Minnetonka Muskie Study-- Please Report Tagged and Fin-Clipped Fish

MN DNR, Muskies, Inc. Twin Cities Chapter, and Hugh C. Becker Foundation began a project on Lake Minnetonka to evaluate muskellunge (muskie) stocking effectiveness. Since 2009, muskie have been stocked with an individually numbered yellow tag near the dorsal fin. If you catch a tagged muskie that you plan to release, please leave the tag in the fish but record the 6-digit tag number, date caught, lake name, fish species, and fish length via the internet tag-report form or to our office's phone, email, or address (above).  Study Details

West Metro Fisheries Office Location

Our office is in the Blue Lake Business Center on Scott Co. Hwy. 101 (between US Hwy 169 and Valleyfair amusement park). We share space with two other MN DNR disciplines (Parks & Trails, Wildlife) and Conservation Corps Minnesota-Iowa external link.

No license or registration/titling services are available, and we have no hatchery or live fish displays for tours. If you'd like to visit us in person, we recommend you contact us beforehand to ensure staff will be here. Because we're a small field-oriented office with a part-time desk attendant, drop-in visitors could find no available help or a locked building.

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