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MN DNR West Metro Area Fisheries Office
7050 County Road 101 East, Suite 100
Shakopee, MN 55379
tel. 952-496-4141 (individuals' extensions below)
fax. 952-496-4140

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Notices & Updates (last updated 2/26/15)

Late-Winter Oxygen Low In Some Waters

Early-starting and persistent below-freezing temperaures this winter are resulting in a few shallow, fertile waters having low late-season oxygen concentrations. Where it happened, it appeared dissolved oxygen levels dropped most during February.  No local lakes are open for Liberalized Fishing.

Staff checking winter oxygen levels found suppressed readings in the lower halves of some lakes' depths, but nothing yet indicating thorough, widespread depletions. At this point of the winter, increasing daylight and temperatures typically begin replenishing oxygen via melting. It seems, for now, some waters most prone to winterkills could experience low amounts of fish die-offs, assuming a normal spring warming pattern.

Waters with low oxygen readings and/or evidence of oxygen stress include: Carver County-- Eagle, Lucy, Susan, Virginia; Hennepin County-- Dutch (angler-reported fish behavior), Rice Lake-Elm Creek (some dead bullheads; note: lake was partially lowered in fall 2014 with intent to freeze aquatic vegetation), Staring (Starring)

Winter 2015 Stockings:  Rainbow Trout Yearlings & Adults; Brown Trout Adults

The following lakes had these trout stocked for the 2015 Winter Season (January 17-March 31):

Brown Trout Adults:  Courthouse Lake-- 300 fish (1.5-4 lb each*)

Rainbow Trout Adults: Courthouse Lake-- 80 fish (4-5.5 lb each*)

Rainbow Trout Yearlings: Courthouse Lake-- 2,500^ fish (^ included remainder of fall 2014 quota); Little Long-- 500 fish.  Yearlings for both lakes averaged 0.6 lb each*.

* hatchery average weights at time of stocking; weights of individual fish will likely differ

Eagle Lake (Hennepin County) Northern Pike Spearing Ban Lifted December 2, 2013

Winter spearing for northern pike is now allowed in Eagle Lake (city of Maple Grove, Hennepin County). All other current applicable State Laws and Regulations for the lake and spearing remain.

Lake Minnetonka Muskie Study-- Please Report Tagged and Fin-Clipped Fish

MN DNR, Muskies, Inc. Twin Cities Chapter, and Hugh C. Becker Foundation began a project on Lake Minnetonka to evaluate muskellunge (muskie) stocking effectiveness. Since 2009, muskie have been stocked with an individually numbered yellow tag near the dorsal fin. If you catch a tagged muskie that you plan to release, please leave the tag in the fish but record the 6-digit tag number, date caught, lake name, fish species, and fish length via the internet tag-report form or to our office's phone, email, or address (above).  Study Details (includes 2014 season information)

West Metro Fisheries Office Location

Our office is in the Blue Lake Business Center on Scott Co. Hwy. 101 (between US Hwy 169 and Valleyfair amusement park). We share space with two other MN DNR disciplines (Parks & Trails, Wildlife) and Conservation Corps Minnesota-Iowa external link.

No license sales or registration/titling services are available, and we have no hatchery or live fish displays for tours. If you'd like to visit us in person, we recommend you contact us beforehand to ensure staff will be here. Because we're a small field-oriented office, drop-in visitors could find no available help or a locked building.

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