Floodplain Management

Roseau, MN: June 12th

Pictures taken by DNR Waters Staff:

Waters staff Greg Kruse and Jim Solstad were aided by CO officers Neil Freborg and Mike Lawrence.

Sand bag dike collapse along Hwy 11 in Roseau:

broken dike

Flood waters exceeded the 100 year flood level by a few inches.

Underwater 100 yr elevation sign The 100 year elevation marker on this telephone pole was completely submerged.
100 yr flood elevation sign The blue/white line is the elevation of the 100 year flood.
High water mark after flood waters receded After the flood waters receded, this high water mark was measured.


Along Center Street, the water was 2.5 to 3' deep on June 12th.

2.5' - 3' of water on Center Street On Center Street, near the flood warning gage.
over flow discharge measurements Over flow discharge measurements in the along Center St., with a Price AA current meter.

Center Street Bridge

discharge measurements along Center St. Bridge DNR Staff taking peak discharge measurements of the Roseau River. Note that the bridge is the only part of street that is out of water within mile.
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Main channel discharge measurement on Center St. Bridge with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler : sends sound wave pinging off of particles in the water to determine the speed and resulting flow.
NWS floodwarning gage The DNR-NWS floodwarning gage is essential to providing accurate forecasts for flood stage prediction. The gage is the rather drab green box on the far side of the river.

Images from downtown Roseau

driving through the flood Driving through the flood waters.
wet downtown Downtown Roseau.
driving to gage Driving through floodwaters.

After the floodwaters receded

Uff da sign A sign in Roseau.