Nongame Wildlife Program

Other Raptor Permits

Certain types of activities within the falconry program require additional permits. 

These activities include:

  1. Nonresident Take Permits
  2. Raptor Propagation Permits
  3. Permits for using raptors for Wildlife Abatement
  4. Eagle Permits


There are other special permits outside of the falconry program that authorize raptor possession or take. 

These permits include:

  1. Wildlife Rehabilitation Permits
  2. Wildlife Education Permit
  3. Wildlife Research Permit for Scientific Purposes Permit
  4. Wildlife Depredation Permit
    • NOTE: Osprey nest removal permits fall under this category.


Falconry or Raptor Propagation activities that do not require an additional permit:

Conservation Education Programs

Holders of General or Master Falconry Permits or Raptor Propagation Permits may use birds possessed under those permits in conservation education programs presented in public venues without an additional state or federal education permit.  Apprentice Falconers may present at conservation education programs if they are under the supervision of a General or Master Falconer when they do so.



Photography and Filming

Falconry permittees may allow photography, filming, or other such uses of falconry raptors to make movies or other sources of information on the practice of falconry or on the biology, ecological roles, and conservation needs of raptors and other migratory birds.



Rehabilitation under another Wildlife Rehabilitator's Outshelter Permit

General and Master Falconer Permittees may assist in rehabilitation of raptors to prepare them for release only if they are listed on a permitted wildlife rehabilitator's outshelter permit or as an assistant to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator.