District 10 - Mille Lacs area

Last updated: 2015-05-27

CO Greg Verkuilen (Garrison) worked the holiday weekend surge of activity. Anglers were out between rain showers and sometimes after night ban on Mille Lacs. ATV traffic included the inexperienced and oblivious operators lacking basic safety concepts and equipment. Despite cold water and dark skies boaters were still out without life jackets or lights. Verkuilen also responded to a wildlife complaint, helped staff the TIP trailer at the state park, and checked trailer traffic for vegetation and boat plugs.

CO Chris Tetrault (Isle) was working with a neighboring officer on Mille Lacs Lake. The officers approached an angler on the lake observed three lines in the water; two which were inconspicuously hidden. The angler realized that who the officers were and broke one line; but wasn?t able to get rid of the other extra line. The angler was cited for extra lines and a fish was seized. AIS activity was monitored in the area. Other enforcement action included angling without a license, insufficient PFD?s on a watercraft, no helmets on juveniles on an ATV, and Mille Lacs night ban violations.

CO Scott Fitzgerald (Malmo) reports working Mille Lacs Lake over the week and the Holiday weekend. A few walleyes were seen along with some bass caught too. ATV activity was monitored throughout the Malmo Station including in the Solana State Forest. AIS enforcement was done around the Mille Lacs Lake area and also around the station?s smaller lakes. Please remember to drain all water related equipment, clean off any weeds and to remove the drain plug before leaving the access. Assistance was given to a neighboring Officer on a wildlife complaint and lots of AIS, ATV, fishing, and boating related law questions were fielded during the week and weekend. Enforcement action for the week included various Fishing, ATV, AIS, and Boating violations.

CO Dustie Speldrich (Willow River) worked anglers and boaters throughout the week and holiday weekend. One angler was spotted using extra lines. When asked why he was using more lines than allowed he replied, ?Because the fish weren?t biting.? He was cited for the violation and warned for his throwable life saving device not being readily accessible and for having a non-working fire extinguisher. Other enforcement action for the weekend included transporting aquatic macrophytes, no angling licenses in possession, no audible device on a boat, operating class 1 ATVs on the roadway and riding two abreast down a public road. Speldrich issued nuisance beaver permits and assisted the county with a submerged watercraft on a local lake. The boat was recovered in 17 feet of water.

CO Dan Starr (Onamia) made arraignments for the TIP trailer to be at Kathio State Park?s ?Friends and Family Day,? with numerous questions answered. A case of dumped rough fish was investigated. Bowfishermen should be reminded that dumping activities will shed a bad light on the sport. Rough fish can be used for many things; wanton waste is not one of them. CO Starr assisted Morrison County Sheriff?s Office with the busy ?Mudfest? weekend. ATV activity was patrolled with trespass in freshly planted agriculture fields being the main concern. A bear complaint was also dealt with, along with a hen mallard and ducklings that were stuck in town. Enforcement action was also taken for a public access violation.

CO Eugene Wynn (Pine City) spent the week following up on nuisance animal complaints, burning complaints, and spent time checking state forests for activity. He spent time over the holiday weekend checking anglers and fishermen in the Pine City area. CO Wynn and CO Grundmeier assisted with a Memorial Day Parade in Pine City, worked ATV complaints throughout the area, and spent time monitoring accesses for AIS activity and education. Enforcement contacts included operating ATVs in closed trails, illegal juvenile operation of ATV?s, angling with unattended lines, no licenses in possession, boating, and OHM violations.

WREO Rob Haberman worked AIS enforcement around the Brainerd and Cross Lake area. While checking shore fishermen, WREO Haberman was educating individuals about not taking water from the lake and transporting it. After WREO Haberman educated one individual, WREO Haberman left the landing to go grab a bite to eat when a DNR employee overheard a woman in the restaurant on the phone explaining to someone that a CO told her to dump her water out from the lake and she said ok but left the landing with the water and played ?dumb? to the CO. The employee notified WREO Haberman who was in line at the restaurant and WREO Haberman followed the individual to her car while she was still on the phone explaining how she was not going to follow the rules. WREO Haberman approached the woman and found the bucket of water and fish from the access. The individual admitted to not draining the bucket. The individual was cited for transporting infested water (zebra mussel infested.) WREO Haberman also conducted ATV enforcement and boat safety enforcement.