Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 10 - Mille Lacs area

Last updated: 2017-11-13

CO Gregory Verkuilen (Garrison) checked deer hunters and investigated associated complaints like suspicious shots, carcass dumping, and trespassing. Waterfowl hunters were also out. Some of them lacking proper licenses and vegetative cover. CO Verkuilen also monitored ATV traffic and assisted a stranded motorist.

CO Dustie Speldrich (Willow River) investigated calls of shooting deer from motor vehicles, shooting from roadways, trespassing, and illegally taking big game. She worked the Nemadji State Forest over the weekend. Enforcement action was taken for operating ATVs during closed hours, operating a motor vehicle with a loaded firearm, under 18 passengers without helmets, and failing to tag deer. CO Speldrich also followed up on baiting complaints, hunter harassment complaints, and issued deer possession tags.

CO Dan Starr (Onamia) continued with deer season work and shining prevention. ATVs during closed hours seems to be an issue this year, with enforcement action taken. Trespass and unregistered deer violations were also handled. CO Starr coached a member of a hunting crew who was intoxicated late at night. The older gentleman indicated he was getting up to hunt early in the morning, however, he was advised to ?sleep in? due to his intoxication level. Members of the hunting party agreed.

CO Bret Grundmeier (Hinckley) saw most of the lakes in the area freeze over toward the end of the week. The smaller, shallower lakes had a couple inches of ice near the shorelines and were just barely froze over further out. Deer hunting activity was much slower after the opening weekend but hunting and trespassing complaints continued to come in at a steady pace. Emergency rescue was provided for a hunter that fell about 18 feet from a deer stand, in a remote hunting area. The hunter was carried out of the woods by first responders and air lifted to a hospital.

CO Eugene Wynn (Pine City) spent the week checking hunters throughout the area. Most hunters reported seeing a lot of deer but heard very little shooting. CO Wynn followed up on various deer hunting complaints including shining, hunting without licenses, and shooting late. CO Wynn also assisted Pine County with a traffic stop, stolen property recovery, and traffic control during a structure fire.

CO Luke Croatt (Wealthwood) handled TIP complaints on a variety of issues ranging from deer over-limits to off hour ATV use. There were still a fair number of deer harvested around the area. Cold weather starting the weekend slowed things up a bit but turned around for the remainder. Enforcement action taken on big game violations.

Malmo vacant.