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The MN DNR Enforcement Division has regulatory oversight of Minnesota’s Taxidermy Industry. Taxidermy is the method of preserving or mounting either whole or in part, a wild animal using the skin or skeleton. The information on this website is provided to assist taxidermists and other’s interested in taxidermy with a basic understanding of Minnesota’s Taxidermy Regulations, as well as examples of taxidermist reporting forms and tags. If you have specific questions regarding taxidermy regulations, contact your local Conservation Officer.

Frequently asked questions and answers for taxidermy

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Who needs a taxidermy license?

How do I get a state taxidermy license? A Federal permit?

Do I need a Federal permit to mount migratory waterfowl?

If I am a taxidermist do I need a tanner’s license?

What records are taxidermists required to keep?

How long do I need to keep my taxidermy records?

Do I have to allow the inspection of my taxidermy records?

If an animal is dropped off at my taxidermy business and I fail to get the customers information is that animal now part of my personal possession limit?

What do I do if a customer brings an owl to my taxidermist shop?

How do I contact my local Conservation Officer?


Minnesota Sample Forms

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Sample Forms