Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 12 - Princeton area

Last updated: 2017-11-13

CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) had a busy week with a lot of deer hunters out in the field. Most stated they have seen more deer this year, but the standing corn in the area has made it harder to harvest one. A presentation was done for a Snowmobile Safety Class in Buffalo. Enforcement action was taken for hunting deer with aid of bait, leaving deer stand out overnight in WMA, and failing to validate deer tags.

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) worked deer hunters during the week. Deer harvest appeared normal but deer hunters seemed down. Many advised seeing good rutting activity while in the field. Enforcement action was taken on stands left in WMA, failure to register deer, and deer over-limit.

CO Tony Musatov (Sauk Rapids) checked hunters with violations found for illegal lend/borrow deer licenses, transport loaded firearms, and fail to tag/validate deer licenses. Several hunting complaints were investigated. Numerous calls were received for illegal dumping of deer carcasses.

CO Mike Krauel (Milaca) spent a busy week checking deer hunters. Hunters are reporting great success with several hunters seeing multiple deer over the season. CO Krauel handled several calls about trespass, baiting, and various other deer hunting related calls. Enforcement action was taken for transporting a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, failure to register a deer, shooting deer in a closed area of the wildlife refuge, taking deer over bait, shooting from the road, taking an over-limit, insufficient blaze orange, and an arrest was made on a warrant.

CO Phil Mohs (Center City) worked the deer hunting activity. Hunters reported mix results. Enforcement action was taken for deer baiting, deer over-limit, trespassing, lend/borrow tags, registration, and tagging violations.
CO Angela Londgren (Cambridge) reports a busy deer season with violations including lend and borrow, failure to validate/register, trespass, no blaze orange, and carless discharge of firearm. Officer Londgren also came across a hunter who had trained his dog to follow his vehicle along roadways to hunt for pheasants while he transported a loaded firearm to shoot from vehicle. Several verbal and physical altercations between hunters over deer were handled.

Big Lake vacant.