District 13 - West Metro area

Last updated: 2014-08-26

CO Steve Walter (Waconia) inspected game farms and shooting preserves. He worked boat and water safety details on Lake Minnetonka with CO Grewe. Goose hunters were checked all week having poor success.

CO Tony Salzer (Osseo) patrolled Hennepin County for angling and boating activity. CO Salzer also patrolled for goose hunting activity. Salzer assisted with two firearms safety courses during the week as well.

CO Brent Grewe (Minnetonka) spent the week checking anglers and monitoring boating activity on Lake Minnetonka. CO Grewe responded to various calls and spoke at a firearms safety class. Violations included angling with extra lines, no fishing license and boat registration issues.

CO Vang Lee (ELCOP) worked boaters, anglers, and AIS in Scott County area lakes. He picked up a dead hawk in Shakopee and turned it to Carlos Avery wildlife office. He also talked to a Hmong youth firearms safety class in St. Paul and a youth firearms safety class at Horse and Hunter Club in Prior Lake. Violations found were fishing without angling license in possession and riding on gunwales.

CO Thephong Le (ELCOP) worked angling and boating activity in West Metro lakes. He followed up with AIS violation that occurred in Bloomington station. He also covered Fort Snelling State Park station as the local officer is out of service. Violations found include transporting aquatic macrophytes, zebra mussels, no angling license, and no vehicle permit while in the state park.

Bloomington - vacant.

Mound - vacant.

Prior Lake - vacant.