District 16 - New Ulm area

Last updated: 2015-06-23

CO Brett Oberg (Hutchinson) attended a Use of Force training and planning meeting at Camp Ripley. The focus was on upcoming academy and in-service planning. ORV and litter enforcement was also worked at some public accesses where vehicles have been doing burn outs.

CO Jeff Denz (Willmar) checked anglers, boaters, and compliance with AIS laws. He talked about laws and ethics at a Firearms Safety class. Denz also answered questions about wildlife- related concerns.

CO Nicholas Klehr (Litchfield) spent time during the week at different lake accesses checking boaters as they came in to make sure they were pulling the plug and not transporting water or weeds. Anglers were checked with many having luck catching all different kinds of fish. An ATV safety course field day was also attended were Klehr spoke with the kids about ATV rules and regulation.

CO Jen Mueller (Hutchinson) took a call of dogs chasing deer near Boone Lake and raccoons causing damage north of Hutchinson. She also checked an area for issued on unpermitted riprap on a creek and verified a fish trap permit. Mueller attended a meeting at Camp Ripley and Sandstone during the week.

CO Thor Nelson (New Ulm) received calls regarding injured wildlife and wildlife doing damage. He also attended training in Fairmont. Nelson worked boating, angling, AIS, small game and ATV enforcement during the week.

CO Mike Gruhlke (Jackson) worked fishing, boat and water safety, and ATV enforcement. He addressed a couple of calls concerning ATV law and law surrounding game farming.

CO Eric Schettler (Fairmont) worked boating, angling and ATV activity. Several violations were noted on a majority of contacts including over-limits. Invasive species continues to be high priority and boaters are well aware of the regulations and penalties of non-compliance.

Willmar #1 - vacant.

Windom - vacant.