District 16 - New Ulm area

Last updated: 2016-09-26

CO Jeff Denz (Willmar-West) checked waterfowl hunters and noted mixed success. He spent time on beaver complaints. Officer Denz also checked anglers and boaters.

CO Shane Vernier (Willmar-East) spent time on area water for the waterfowl opener. He also checked anglers and small game hunters. Calls with questions were answered including trespass, archery, and waterfowl hunting.

CO Nicholas Klehr (Litchfield) spent time checking waterfowl hunters over the busy opener. There were mainly blue-winged teal and wood ducks that were being shot with a few mallards mixed in and a northern shoveler as well. Anglers were also checked during the week as fall fishing seems to be picking up.

CO Jen Mueller (Hutchinson-West) started training with a COC. The officers transported an injured juvenile peregrine falcon to the Raptor Center for treatment. The officers also worked a busy opening weekend for waterfowl. Many hunters were seen with their limit of ducks. It was found that hunters in flooded fields were having better luck than those on area lakes. Shore anglers were also checked throughout the week. Enforcement action consisted of no license in possession and invalid registration on a PWC.

CO Brett Oberg (Hutchinson-East) reports working the opening of the waterfowl season this week. Time was spent checking hunters of all ages out in the lakes and fields after ducks and geese. Officer Oberg reports those hunters which hunted waterfowl in flooded agricultural fields had the best success. Some hunters were able to get limits both days while those on more traditional waterfowl spots struggled at times. Officer Oberg took enforcement action for no license in possession, transporting a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, hunt with lead shot, and no state waterfowl validation. He also fielded several calls regarding water access up until the waterfowl opener.

CO Thor Nelson (New Ulm) worked waterfowl hunting, boating, angling, ATV and aquatic invasive species activities. Flooded field hunting for waterfowl was productive this week. The waterfowl hunting on traditional marshes and lakes was hit and miss. A mixed bag of dabbling and diving ducks was observed but wood ducks were the most common species taken.

CO Dustin Miller (Windom) reports hunters having a fairly successful duck opening weekend. A majority of hunters contacted harvested wood duck and teal. Enforcement action for the week consisted of federal and state duck stamp violations, use of prohibited motorized decoys, hunting in prohibited areas, ATV violations, and a party is being charged with DAC-IPS.

CO Mike Gruhlke (Jackson) reports that he worked the duck opener. Several checks revealed mostly teal and wood ducks in the bag with some other species as well. Officer Gruhlke followed up on a complaint of dead pelicans near Okabena in Jackson County. He also completed his radio program, discussing topics including duck opener, fall fishing and area activity.

CO Eric Schettler (Fairmont) checked anglers and hunters. Waterfowl hunters were out in full force as birds have many places to hide with abundant water areas. AIS reminders were given at accesses. The Sherburne FAS class was attended and taught.