District 18 - Rochester area

Last updated: 2014-07-22

CO Tyler Quandt (Red Wing) reports spending the week checking anglers and wrapping up a deer case from last fall. Anglers were doing well on the river and Lake Pepin. Time was also spent attending some training in St. Paul and checking boating activity. Some fishing and boating violations were detected.

CO Mitch Boyum (Rushford) reports working ATV grant and aid trails and ATV complaint areas. Compliance was good. Time was also spent checking anglers on area trout streams. Most streams are now fishable and angling has been good. Nuisance animal complaints have been coming in, especially raccoon calls.

CO Joel Heyn (Plainview) worked anglers and boaters during the week. Fishing success is better with the river getting closer to normal levels. Heyn also handled various calls from wetland complaints, snakes, and AIS.

CO Phil George (Rochester) worked the week checking anglers and boaters. Field training started with a COC. Contacts were made for no angling license, expired registration, and no PFD onboard a watercraft. A rattlesnake call was taken and the COC got to handle their first snake call. Turns out it was a fox snake in need of help getting freed from landscape netting.

CO Tom Hemker (Winona) is working with a COC. They spent the week on the river checking AIS, boating, and fishing along with ATVs. They received a couple rattle snake calls and found a group with several illegal turtles. They also attended a firearms safety class and a field day. They checked a person during a heavy mayfly hatch that asked about all the butterflies.

CO Kevin Prodzinski (Wabasha) reports beginning field training of a COC. Officers worked anglers and boaters on the Mississippi River. Officers saw some success with walleye and bass. They also worked an AIS detail at boat landings of the Mississippi, and Lake Zumbro. Enforcement action was taken for violations including, undersized fish, no angling license, failure to remove boat plug and insufficient PFDs.

Rochester #2 - vacant.