District 2 - Bemidji area

Last updated: 2016-06-28

CO Tom Hutchins (Crookston) reports working on a possible wolf depredation complaint. The TIP trailer was staffed at the Norman County Fair. Time was also spent checking anglers, ATV operators, and watercraft operators. Various angling and boating related violations were encountered throughout the week.

CO Dan Malinowski (Fosston) worked boating, angling, ATVs, commercial/leechers and WMA violations. A wetland site inspection was also conducted with other agencies. Wildlife calls continue and a wolf depredation case completed.

CO Tim Gray (Bagley) checked anglers and boaters. He also handled several nuisance animal complaints including skunks and bears.

CO Brice Vollbrecht (Bemidji) patrolled area lakes during Operation Dry Water weekend. CO Vollbrecht worked a detail on Cass Lake with CO Mathy. Assistance was provided to the sheriff?s department in a search for a missing five year old. Several complaints of careless ATV operation were taken near Bemidji. Several juvenile riders were stopped for riding conduct in the complaint area and educated on regulations. Several nuisance bear complaints were taken. Area accesses were patrolled for AIS compliance.

CO Brian Holt (Bemidji) checked anglers, boating, recreational vehicles and AIS compliance during the week. Most of the week was spent working in the BWCA with Officer Williams. Enforcement activity included watercraft registration, angling license, commercial minnow trapping and OHM violations.

CO Chris Vinton (Perham) reports contacting boaters and anglers, discussing AIS at public accesses and assisting the local sheriff?s office with ATV questions. CO Vinton also spoke to a lake association meeting and discussed boating regulations, AIS issues and other topics that the association wished to discuss. Enforcement action was taken for ATV on the roadway, youth operation without a helmet and fishing law violations.

CO Al Peterson (Osage) spent the week assisting at the academy and working boat and water safety.

CO Gary Forsberg (Pelican Rapids) spent the week working fishermen and boaters. Time was also spent handling shoreline and aquatic vegetation issues, orphaned animal calls and a complaint of a party shooting a snapping turtle during closed season and with archery gear. A vehicle was also seen parked in a Waterfowl Production Area on several occasions. Suspecting someone may be training a dog illegally or possibly a marijuana grow operation the WPA was checked. It was found that the party was only sun bathing. No violation found only the naked truth!

CO Angie Warren (Detroit Lakes) spent time working boating and angling activity. Follow up was conducted on open public water investigations and a complaint of possible aquatic vegetation being removed without permit. A complaint of an individual on a PWC harassing geese was received with an investigation ongoing. A pontoon fire was reported to CO Warren and contact with owners was made to advise them on removal of the pontoon from the lake. CO Warren attended a Lake association meeting in Detroit lakes. AIS inspections were performed and assistance was provided to the sheriff?s office after an individual backed his truck partially into the lake to wash it. Questions were answered about nuisance bears.

CO Bill Landmark (Moorhead) spent the week working ATV and commercial minnow/ leech activity in the Moorhead Station. Several nuisance bears were reported and all individuals were advised to remove their bird feeders. Time was also spent answering questions and staffing the TIP trailer at the Norman County Fair.