District 3 - Fergus Falls area

Last updated: 2014-08-26

CO Troy Richards (Fergus Falls) received questions related to the summer goose hunt. He also took complaints of late shooting. Anglers were checked on area lakes along with boating enthusiasts. There was also a conversation about wolf/hybrid dogs running off leash in Maine Township.

CO Tricia Plautz (Henning) along with a COC spent time working fishing enforcement, boating safety, and AIS enforcement. The officers checked on a commercial minnow net, assisted an Otter Tail County Sheriffs officer with a call, attended a safety day in Wolf Lake speaking to over 100 individuals on ATV safety, assisted Wadena area chapter of MDHA with a fork horn field day on the shooting range. The officers worked the early August goose season but found very minimal activity.

CO Paul Nelson (Elbow Lake) worked on several wetland issues this week including draining and altering wetlands. Time was spent checking fishermen, boaters and completing some required training. Additional time was spent checking goose hunters and working WCA cases.

CO Shane Osborne (Evansville) checked fishermen, boaters, goose hunters and ATVs. An AIS meeting was attended in Brainerd. Complaints of fish over limits, trespass, and ATV?s operating on county highways were investigated. Station equipment maintenance was performed along with receiving yearly performance evaluation.

CO Mitch Lawler (Alexandria) worked the TIP trailer along with other officers at the first annual Youth Outdoors Day, sponsored by Pheasants Forever and Vikings Sportsmen?s Club, where over 500 area youth enjoyed outdoor related activities and events. Fishing activity continues to be monitored with enforcement action taken for no angling license and angling with extra lines. A shoreline owner was cited for operating his weed roller well outside the permitted area. The third local FAS class was also completed, totaling over 80 youth now certified this month.

CO Jeff Johanson (Osakis) continued working fishing, boating, and AIS enforcement on and around area waterways. While working AIS enforcement, an individual was found transporting a boat with aquatic vegetation on the trailer and the drain plug in place. A closer inspection of the boat revealed very small zebra mussels in the livewell. Enforcement action was taken and a boat de-con was ordered. Additional time was spent closing out public water and aquatic vegetation violations, monitoring goose hunting activity, and patrolling for ORV activity. COs Johanson, Lawler, and Larry Hanson with K9 Reggie, spent several hours manning the TIP Wall of Shame trailer at the first annual youth outdoor activity event in Alexandria. The event was a huge success with over 500 youth in attendance and many positive public interactions made. A big thank you to the Viking Sportsmen Club and the Douglas County Pheasants Forever Chapter for organizing and staffing the event!

CO Tony Anderson (Morris) focused enforcement efforts on AIS, OHV and fishing enforcement. Angling activity has been slow on area lakes. CO Anderson also investigated a vehicle that tried to travel down a minimum maintenance road and became stuck. Minnow transportation permits were issued as well as handling calls from the public regarding use of WMA and WPAs for hunting opportunities.

CO Daniel Baumbarger (Glenwood) reports enforcement efforts for the week included checking fishermen, ATV operators, goose hunters, and monitoring AIS compliance. Additional time was spent on boat and water safety, commercial enforcement, and littering complaints. Calls were fielded regarding waterfowl season questions, and nuisance animal complaints.

Wheaton - vacant.