District 4 - Walker area

Last updated: 2016-10-17

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) spent time on deer shining, deer baiting, and unlawful ATV use. Possession permits for big game animals were issued. Officer Parthun investigated an illegal fire and ATVs operating in a non-motorized area. Preparations were taken for an upcoming ATV course. Enforcement action was taken for an illegal fire.
CO Eric Sullivan (Walker) continues to see anglers targeting perch and walleye on Leech Lake. Anglers are having limited success. CO Sullivan observed a watercraft leaving Stony Lake with water onboard. Subject was transporting a largemouth bass and the live well was full of water and enforcement action was taken. CO Sullivan also located a vehicle with three occupants hunting grouse. All subjects were in possession of open bottles, the driver was transporting a loaded firearm and was arrested for DWI.
CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) checked anglers, waterfowl and grouse hunters, and lake service providers. Waterfowl hunting was slow, while the grouse hunting started to pick up. A noxious smoke fire complaint was received and investigated that resulted in a citation issued for failing to adhere to permit conditions. Agency assist services were provided. A dogs chasing deer complaint and other deer related violation calls were received and investigated.
CO Duke Broughten (Longville) spent the week monitoring ATV, angling, and fall hunting activity. Anglers and hunters continue to report poor success. CO Broughten observed a high amount of ATV traffic over the weekend. CO Broughten fielded calls regarding grouse hunting, duck hunting and investigated a TIP call. CO Broughten also assisted local law enforcement with a hunter having a medical emergency. Enforcement action included operate ATV on roadway, fail to display ATV registration, and fail to transfer ownership of ATV.
CO Jeff Halverson (Staples) checked duck hunters who were having good success with some northern ducks in the area. Complaints were investigated on trespass, shooting sand hill cranes, and hunting late. Officer Halverson met with a group of foreign students on deer hunting laws, ethics and conservation officer career activities; they are here in MN to hunt deer for a couple of weeks.
CO Chelsey Best (Remer) spent the week enforcing laws for ATV operation and small game hunting. Assistance was provided to the Cass County Sheriff?s Department for an ATV crash in Outing. A report of illegal bough cutting was investigated. Enforcement action was taken for no helmets on passengers under 18, illegal youth operation of an ATV, no small game license, and expired ATV registration.