District 4 - Walker area

Last updated: 2016-09-26

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) worked a busy waterfowl opening weekend. Duck hunters, archery deer hunters, grouse hunters, and squirrel hunters were all checked. Several TIP calls of hunting on closed refuges, over limit of ducks, and shooting deer at night were taken. Officer Parthun worked a WCA violation and a cervidae violation.
CO Eric Sullivan (Walker) observed small game hunters having success with squirrel and a few grouse this past week. One small game hunter was warned for trespassing. CO Sullivan spent the weekend contacting waterfowl hunters. CO Sullivan saw a large number of wood ducks and teal harvested throughout the area. Violations for waterfowl hunters included no life jacket, no plug in shotgun, no state waterfowl stamp, and no federal waterfowl stamp.
CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) primarily checked anglers and waterfowl hunters. Waterfowl hunters in the area found hunting to be good as several ducks were in the area for opener. Time was spent in court on a snowmobile case that resulted in a conviction. Enforcement action was taken for waterfowl violations.
CO Jeff Halverson (Staples) worked the duck opener; contact was made for no small game license and no stamps, with wood ducks being the main bird in the bag. Officer Halverson also received shining complaints and gave ethics and law talks at Staples Motley High School Fish and Wildlife classes.
CO Chelsey Best (Remer) worked a busy duck hunting opening weekend. Lots of ATV activity was also prevalent with many group rides and festivals taking place. Plenty of rain made the trails extremely wet and vulnerable to damage from excessive mudding activity. Attention was focused on some problems occurring at a local WMA. Please remember that these areas are maintained for the enjoyment of everyone and users should be respectful of the public spaces. Enforcement action was taken for no state and federal stamps, transporting loaded firearms, no licenses in possession, operation of an ATV on the lakebed, hunter harassment and several cases of ATVs being operated on highway/roadway surfaces.