Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 7 - Grand Rapids area

Last updated: 2018-02-20

CO Randy Patten (Northome) patrolled area snowmobile trails, checked anglers, and worked ongoing cases. Enforcement action was taken for failure to display snowmobile registration, not stopping at a road crossing, fishing with extra lines, and no angling license in possession.

CO Jayson Hansen (Big Fork) worked snowmobile activity and fishing enforcement. He checked area lakes and patrolled area snowmobile trails. Snowmobile trails were good again this week, and with 12 to 20 inches of new snow in the area, they should be good for a while. Violations included spearing without a license, angling without a valid license, failure to stop at a road crossing on snowmobile, no snowmobile safety certification, snowmobiles on the roadway, and no license in possession. One snowmobile operator was found to be over the legal limit of alcohol in his system. If snowmobile riders are not members of a snowmobile club, Hansen advises them to join one in the area where they live or like to ride. Clubs are responsible for clearing and grooming trails and are having trouble getting the funding needed to do so.

CO Mike Fairbanks (Deer River) worked a snowmobile enforcement detail, checked anglers and issued road kill possession permits. The area trails are in good shape after the recent snowfall. Enforcement action was taken for license issues, angling with extra lines and snowmobile registration issues.

CO Sarah Grell (Grand Rapids) checked angling and snowmobiling activity this past week. Trails have improved with the recent snowfall. Area lakes have been impacted by the snowfall as well, making it difficult for many people to get out on them. She reminds license holders that angling licenses expire at the end of the month. Also, shelter removal dates are fast approaching. Have a plan in place to get the shelter off the lake before the deadline.

CO Thomas Sutherland (Grand Rapids) worked snowmobile and angling activity. With the new snow, an influx of snowmobilers hit the local trails, conditions on which have vastly improved. He worked complaints of trespassing and dogs chasing deer.

CO Jimmy Van Asch (Hill City) monitored area snowmobiling and angling activity, and worked a snowmobile enforcement detail with neighboring officers. Anglers are reporting steady success on area lakes. Enforcement action was taken for various angling and snowmobile violations.

Pengilly vacant.