District 8 - Duluth area

Last updated: 2015-09-01

CO Andy Schmidt (Brookston) spent much of the week attending annual in-service training at Camp Ripley. Time was also spent working ATV complaints, public accesses were worked in the area, a complaint of parties shooting clay pigeons in a Wildlife Management Area was handled, a wolf depredation complaint was handled and numerous complaints of bears were received.

CO Kipp Duncan (Duluth) spent the majority of the week at Camp Ripley participating in annual training. Officer Duncan also worked bear baiting activity within the Duluth station. ATV and AIS enforcement continue to be worked when illegal activity is observed. Bear complaints were fielded and guidance was given. A wolf depredation was also investigated. Officer Duncan was also a guest speaker at a neighborhood nature camp.

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) assisted in armoring division handguns at Camp Ripley during the week. CO Humphrey continued work on a fire investigation. CO Humphrey received calls on unlawful ATV use, bear bait registration and trapping. Humphrey encountered AIS and OHV violations.

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) attended K9 training in the metro area and also assisted with judging a K9 trial in Hill City. A follow up investigation into a wetland violation continues in the area. Some off-highway vehicle enforcement was conducted in the Cloquet where enforcement action was taken for no safety cert., equipment and registration violations. Extra patrol in area state parks was conducted after receiving complaints of vandalism. Assistance was given to a neighboring CO in giving a talk to several young kids at a nature camp about the job of a Conservation Officer.

WREO Michael Scott (NE Region Water Resource Officer) worked with a local officer on a wetland violation case, and assisted another in trying to locate a private company that is taking water from AIS infested water body to use elsewhere for commercial applications. Information was shared with other Local Government Units to see if they have seen or heard about the company in question. Officer Scott checked anglers on area lakes with fishing showing slow signs of picking up for crappies and walleyes. Enforcement action was taken for fail to remove drain plug. Officer Scott checked bear hunters who were tending their baits this week. Several bear hunters were contacted and reported that they had bears coming into some of their baits and were looking forward to the opener. One bear hunter stated that he had two sows with cubs coming into two different baits and no boars or cub less bears. He remained optimistic about the opener though.