Lake Superior Marine Unit

Last updated: 2014-10-29

Sgt. Keith Olson (Marine Unit) checked small game hunters, worked a shining detail and received calls on the upcoming firearms deer season. Olson also worked a trapping project with District 8 officers, checked local rivers and anglers on the North Shore and received a nuisance bear complaint.

CO Matt Miller (Marine Unit) answered questions about the upcoming deer season. An incidentally captured bobcat was released from a fox trapper?s set without injury, but with many loud and intimidating noises made to the assisting officers. Enforcement action taken for ATV violations.

CO Troy Ter Meer (Marine Unit) checked on a deer with an arrow in it that died in someone?s yard in Duluth. He spent most of the week finishing the background report on the CO Prep Candidate. He also participated in a trapping detail. One untagged trap was seized.