Water Resource Enforcement Officers

Last updated: 2015-11-24

WREO Joseph Stattelman (NW) spent the week catching up from deer season. Follow up calls and site checks were conducted. Fishermen were checked and calls for muzzleloader season are starting to come in. Time was spent on both new and old WCA, PW and APM cases.

WREO Robert Haberman (North Central) worked on WCA, PW and APM cases in his assigned area and answered questions from other officers. WREO Haberman also conducted future work planning.

WREO Keith Bertram (Central) spent the week assisting neighboring officers with deer season follow-up. Cases were made including using a bonus tag in a hunter?s choice zone, take over limit of deer, and fail to register deer. Wetland case follow-up was also conducted.

WREO Larry Hanson (SW) attended a K-9 meeting and training at Camp Ripley. A meeting with the enforcement hydrologist on a possible violation in Nobles County was attended. Pheasant and small hunters were trappers were checked in empty stations. Backgrounds were also worked on

WREO Julie Siems (SE) worked the busy 3B opener. Violations of shooting from the road and trespass were investigated. Complaints on waters violations were also addressed. A K9 demonstration was given to a cub scout group as well.

WREO Mike Scott (NE MN) checked deer hunters in the St. Louis Carlton County area; very slow for hunters and few hunters were seen out. One hunter talked to had a very nice buck and when he said his wife missed it and he shot it, life got interesting at camp for a awhile. Officer Scott worked with other Eco staff and Fisheries staff on an issue with harvesting tullibee for bait in the St. Louis County area.