Water Resource Enforcement Officers

Last updated: 2016-05-24

WREO Joseph Stattelman (NW) spent the week working on WCA and PW cases. Several site visits were conducted. Fishing and boating activity was checked. AIS law compliance was worked at area access points. An injured eagle call was handled. Time was spent teaching Use Of Force at the academy.

WREO Mike Scott (NE) attended training at Camp Ripley. WREO Scott also conducted watercraft inspector training at the Boulder Lake ELC. WREO Scott also worked AIS/Fishing details on Leech and Lake Winnie.

WREO Robert Haberman (North Central) worked on wetland cases and site visits throughout the week. WREO Haberman also conducted AIS enforcement around the Brainerd area. WREO Haberman also assisted the aviation unit with projects and handled miscellaneous wildlife calls.

WREO Keith Bertram (Central) spent the week conducting follow-up on wetland cases and serving restoration orders. A commercial minnow investigation was also completed yielding violations for failing to tend minnow traps, insufficient identification on minnow traps, and no minnow dealer AIS training. Citations were also issued for no boat registration and take bass in closed season.

WREO Larry Hanson (SW) attended firearms training at Camp Ripley. Officer Hanson also taught an AIS class for the Douglas County Sheriff?s Department in Alexandria. Officer Hanson worked on PW and WCA cases and checked boats and trailers for AIS violations.

WREO Julie Siems (SE) instructed alcohol enforcement at the academy. Multiple site inspections were conducted for WCA or Public Waters violations. A check station for AIS compliance was also conducted. Many fish were checked in boats as well.