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100 Years of Protecting, Managing, Educating: Historical Collection

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1895 - First Annual Report of the Chief Fire Warden of Minnesota external link

1911 - First Annual Report of the State Forester external link

1913 - Minnesota Forest Service, Manual of Instructions for Forest Officer by Wm.T. Cox, forester pdf

1913 - North Woods Magazine pdf

1918 - Cloquet-Moose Lake Fire of 1918 external link

1929 - Forestry in Minnesota, by E.G. Cheyney and O.R. Levin pdf

1930 - Common Forest Trees of Minnesota, A pocket manual describing their most important characteristics, by Wilbur R. Matton and Parker Anderson pdf

1936 - Application for Appointment as Forest Officer pdf

1937 - Forestry in Minnesota, Forest Fire Protection, contributed by Division of Forestry pdf

1940 - Minnesota's Timber, Division of Forestry pdf

1946 - Planning the Community Forest, Division of Forestry pdf

1950 - Forest Reproduction in Minnesota, Educational Pamphlet No. 4, Division of Forestry pdf

1954 - Forest Fire Protection in Minnesota, Division of Forestry pdf

1960 - Ranger District Forest Survey Manual, Division of Forestry pdf

1969 - A History of Forestry in Minnesota, Division of Forestry pdf

1986 - Forestry For You and Me coloring book, Division of Forestry pdf

2010 - Connected to Our Roots: 100 Years of Growing Forests in Minnesota, Division of Forestry external link

2010 - Forestry Roots newsletter pdf kicking off the 100th anniversary of Minnesota Forestry.

2011 - State of Minnesota Proclamation pdf - Mark Dayton, Governor of Minnesota, proclaims June 22, 2011 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Division of Forestry Centennial Day.

2011 - Forestry Roots newsletter pdf marking the creation of the DNR Forestry

Historical Minnesota fires

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Interesting reading

A Century for the Trees - Minnesota Conservation Volunteer article

Be a Forest Ranger -1927–1936 by Don Wilson pdf

Forestry: The Growing Years- Excerpts from Don Wilson's "To Be A Forest Ranger"

Forest Fire Fighters Service Manual - Minnesota Office of Civilian Defense pdf

Minnesota State Forests-Education Pamphlet No. 8 pdf

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