Terrestrial invasive species

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Prevent the spread of terrestrial invasive species

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The best way to protect our natural areas from terrestrial invasive species is to prevent the spread of new invasive species to those areas. You can help prevent the spread. For example, invasive plant seeds can be transported in mud and hay. The eggs and larvae of invasive insects like emerald ash borer can be spread by moving firewood. Help keep your favorite recreation areas healthy:

Before you leave home:

At your destination:

Before you leave the trail or site:


All firewood used on Minnesota DNR lands must come from a state park or DNR-approved vendor. For more information, go to The Best Firewood Is The Local Firewood.

It is unlawful to move or transport noxious weeds or their propagating parts. For more information, go to Minnesota Department of Agriculture This link leads to an external site..

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