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Lake Vermilion

Sunset over a dock on northern Minnesota's Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion's boulder-strewn, rocky shorelines bordering forests of pine, aspen and birch give a truly northwoods character to this Canadian Shield lake.

Vermilion gets its name from the French translation of the Ojibwe word Onamuni, which means lake of the sunset glow.

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Input group named

Citizens representing diverse local and statewide interests in Lake Vermilion met to help shape a management plan. The plan, which will be effective from 2017-2022, is an update to Lake Vermilion's existing management plan. A draft will be available for public comment in early 2017.

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Lake Vermilion and its Pike River hatchery are managed by DNR fisheries staff from the nearby Tower Area Fisheries office.

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