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Minnesota Biological Survey

image of monarch butterflies on Liatrus ligulistylus plantsThe Minnesota Biological Survey (MBS) systematically collects, interprets, monitors and delivers data on plant and animal distribution as well as the ecology of native plant communities and functional landscapes. More about the survey

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Warm Weather Wanderers

April 7-9, MBS entomologist, Kyle Johnson, explored southeastern Minnesota's Blufflands and made some incredible finds!

image of moss

Minnesota's Bryophytes

Check out bryophyte guides, written by bryologist Joannes A. Janssens, which feature photographs, illustrations, maps, and identification aids for nearly 100 of Minnesota's moss and liverwort species.

Prairie map

MBS updates map of remaining prairies!

At the time of European settlement (mid 1800s), Minnesota had 18 million acres of tallgrass prairie. Today only a little more than 1 percent (about 250,000 acres) of the original prairie remains PDF.