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Minnesota Biological Survey

image of monarch butterflies on Liatrus ligulistylus plantsThe Minnesota Biological Survey (MBS) systematically collects, interprets, monitors and delivers data on plant and animal distribution as well as the ecology of native plant communities and functional landscapes. More about the survey

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Water track

MBS Bat Team Update

This was an excellent season for the MBS northern long-eared bat team. Check out the bat update to learn more about the survey procedures the bat team uses to track bat roosting patterns!

Water track

Trek to the Western Water Track

An MBS ornithologist, Steve Stucker, was recently able to trek to the remote western water track. Check out the numerous floral and faunal finds he made along the soggy 5 and a half mile hike!

X-ray of a gophersnake

MN River Reptile Project

Check out the recent herpetology finds made by Jeff LeClere and Carol Hall along with two staff members from the Nongame Wildlife Program!

Prairie map

MBS updates map of remaining prairies!

At the time of European settlement (mid 1800s), Minnesota had 18 million acres of tallgrass prairie. Today only a little more than 1 percent (about 250,000 acres) of the original prairie remainsThis is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it..

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