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Lesson 2:9 - Fish Bowl

by Scott Moeller

May 2010

Fish Bowl

Chapter 2 of the MinnAqua Leader’s Guide - Fishing: Get in the Habitat! contains nine lessons that focus on learning about the fishes of Minnesota. From identifying the different kinds of fishes, to exploring their senses, habits, adaptations and anatomy, Chapter 2 covers a lot of information that students are excited about learning. It's fitting that the final lesson of the chapter serves as an effective way of bringing this information together in a fun way.

We all know that students love to play games, and Lesson 2:9 - Fish Bowl is a simple quiz game that helps students review many concepts about Minnesota fish in a fun way. What is a newly hatched fish called? In what zone of the lake do aquatic plants grow? What does a fish's lateral line sense?

Maybe it's time for you and your students to play... Fish Bowl!

Lesson Summary

In this activity, small groups of students work as teams to participate in a simple quiz bowl type of game. Using content covered in any or all previous lessons, the students and teacher prepare the questions to be used in the game. You may choose to use the questions and answers provided and pre-printed in the lesson, or choose to use note cards and write your own questions suited to the topics and content you wish to reinforce.

By taping the cards or note cards to a whiteboard, you can make a simple game board at the front of the classroom with questions in several different categories, with differing point values corresponding to the ease or difficulty of each question. Teams take turns selecting a question and attempting to give an appropriate answer.

Tips & Tricks

This lesson is highly adaptable to your personal tastes, as well as the abilities or interests of your students:

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MinnAqua Lesson Connections

Because of its nature as a review game, Lesson 2:9 - Fish Bowl has the potential to be connected to any or all of the lessons in the MinnAqua Leader's Guide - Fishing: Get in the Habitat! The preprinted questions in the lesson are taken from all of the preceding lessons in Chapter 2 on Minnesota Fish. However, educators who make their own questions, or involve students in making their own questions can use the format of this lesson and extend it to any of the 39 lessons in the MinnAqua Leader's Guide - Fishing: Get in the Habitat!