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Fishing Sites for Kids April 2008

By Roland Sigurdson

April 2008

group fishing on a pier

Careful planning of your fishing trip ensures that everyone stays safe and is set up to have a great time.

Taking the Kids Fishing

To find a fishing site near you, check the Minnesota DNR website for information on fishing piers and public access points (boat launches), and/or with a local bait store, fishing club, or sheriff or water safety patrol. Your friends and neighbors may have first-hand knowledge of fishing sites that have worked for taking kids fishing in the past.

Below are some things to consider when choosing a fishing site for your children or group.

Tips for Choosing a Fishing Spot

Other Important Considerations

Many of the tips in this article are from the MinnAqua Fishing: Get In The Habitat! Leaders Guide Lesson 6:1 - Safety and Fishing at the Water's Edge.