Native Plant Communities

System Summaries & NPC Factsheets

Ecological System Summaries and Class Fact Sheets – Upland Forests and Woodlands


Fire-Dependent Forest/Woodland System Summaries→ LMF EBF PPA/TAP
Class Fact Sheets

FDn12 Northern Dry-Sand Pine Woodland

FDn22 Northern Dry-Bedrock Pine (Oak) Woodland

FDn32 Northern Poor Dry-Mesic Mixed Woodland

FDn33 Northern Dry-Mesic Mixed Woodland

FDn43 Northern Mesic Mixed Forest

FDc12 Central Poor Dry Pine Woodland

FDc23 Central Dry Pine Woodland

FDc24 Central Rich Dry Pine Woodland

FDc25 Central Dry Oak-Aspen (Pine) Woodland

FDc34 Central Dry-Mesic Pine-Hardwood Forest

FDs27 Southern Dry-Mesic Pine-Oak Woodland

FDs36 Southern Dry-Mesic Oak-Aspen Forest

FDs37 Southern Dry-Mesic Oak (Maple) Woodland

FDs38 Southern Dry-Mesic Oak-Hickory Woodland

FDw24 Northwestern Dry-Mesic Oak Woodland

FDw34 Northwestern Mesic Aspen-Oak Woodland

FDw44 Northwestern Wet-Mesic Aspen Woodland


Mesic Hardwood Forest System Summaries→ LMF EBF PPA/TAP
Class Fact Sheets

MHn35 Northern Mesic Hardwood Forest

MHn44 Northern Wet-Mesic Boreal Hardwood-Conifer Forest

MHn45 Northern Mesic Hardwood (Cedar) Forest

MHn46 Northern Wet-Mesic Hardwood Forest

MHn47 Northern Rich Mesic Hardwood Forest

MHc26 Central Dry-Mesic Oak-Aspen Forest

MHc36 Central Mesic Hardwood Forest (Eastern)

MHc37 Central Mesic Hardwood Forest (Western)

MHc38 Central Mesic Cold-Slope Hardwood-Conifer Forest

MHc47 Central Wet-Mesic Hardwood Forest

MHs37 Southern Dry-Mesic Oak Forest

MHs38 Southern Mesic Oak-Basswood Forest

MHs39 Southern Mesic Maple-Basswood Forest

MHs49 Southern Wet-Mesic Hardwood Forest

MHw36 Northwestern Wet-Mesic Hardwood Forest