Northern Map Turtle

Graptemys geographica

Class: Reptilia

Order: Testudines

Family: Emydidae

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Northern map turtle carapaceNorthern Map Turtles are one of a group of three map turtles that are similar in appearance. Northern Map Turtles lack the prominent eyebrow and chin spots.


General description: The shell of the Northern Map Turtle is oval with serrations on the posterior end of the carapace. The carapace is olive green with yellow lines. The plastron is a plain light yellow. The skin is green with yellow lines and rings.

The Map turtles have a strong sexual dimorphism. Females are larger than the males. Females range from 7 to 11 inches long while males range from 3 to 6 inches.

Northern map turtle plastron

*formerly known as the Common Map Turtle