Steps & Techniques

Restore Your Shore


workers planting a shoreline restoration project

This is the fun part.

Steps & Techniques is where you get your hands dirty or your feet wet - maybe both. You will work on a real shoreline project - your own! It's a chance to use what you have learned in the Program Introduction and Shore Lore Sections:

headphone icon, Carolyn Dindorf closeup Carolyn Dindorf introduces Steps & Techniques.

aerial view of lake lot

In Steps & Techniques, you will find:

"...So what can you do, to restore the shoreline,
to bring back the fish, and return the deer.
Just replant the shore, control the runoff,
the algae will leave, the waters will clear.
Oh butterflies and bald eagles you're what I'm looking for.
The shoreline is a home for you when we take care of it more... "

headphone icon Shoreline Song, Carolyn Dindorf & Roman Rowan, © 2001 Performed by Carolyn Dindorf, Roman Rowan, and Aaron White.