Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area
(Day-use only while under development)


Trail location map

Acres: 385. From Litchfield, in Meeker county, 7 miles south on State Highway 22 then one mile east on County Road 18.

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• Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) is open to the public. Recreation opportunities are limited to day use. No facilities are available at this time.

• Visitors can see portions of Greenleaf and Sioux lakes along with several wetlands.

• Good panfish and largemouth bass fishing. Sioux Lake, being the shallower of the two lakes, supports significant waterfowl populations.

• Take a virtual tour. It's a great tool to help you plan your next trip to the recreation area! Panoramic tour | Snapshot tour

Greenleaf Lake at a glance...


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shore fishing

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