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Minnesota Spring Inventory

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Help Find Minnesota Springs

The DNR has developed a web-based Reporting Application that provides anyone the ability to submit the location of springs in Minnesota. The application will ask you to select the type of spring you are reporting, give the location, and submit a photo of the area. The information will help us evaluate spring location submittals.

Submitted springs will be loaded into the database and then verified by DNR staff. Your contact information will allow us to ask questions, seek permission for access to verify, or notify you when the spring is on the map. Some springs may be verified by phone or email since funding does not allow us to visit every site. 

The spring inventory database will contain both reported and verified spring location information and physical, chemical, and historical data for spring sites, where available. The project will maintain the database at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for long-term management and public access.

Please do not trespass. Ask for permission from the property owner if you are considering searching private property.

Reporting Springs with the App

The steps are as follows. Open the Reporting App on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

  1. Enter Information
    This includes date, spring name if known, if there is year round flow, the spring type (examples below), and general comments. Email and phone are optional but are very helpful for questions and verification. Photo attachments help locate and verify the spring
  2. Specify Location
    Enter GPS coordinates or an address, find your current location, or click and drag a point on a map. Make sure you have Location Services enabled on your phone for web browsers. If a pop-up appears asking “ Would you like to use your current location?" choose either OK or Allow.
  3. Complete Form
    After you Submit you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive another confirmation after the spring has been verified and added to the map.

A Brochure PDF is available for download, print, and distribution. It contains app screenshots, tips, and the following Spring Type exampless.

Spring Type - Examples


Mapped Results

Potential and verified springs will appear here.
For a larger view and more options open this map full screen.



See Contacts - Minnesota Spring Inventory.

Funding for the Spring Inventory Map was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). The trust fund is a permanent fund constitutionally established by Minnesotans to assist in the protection, conservation, preservation, and enhancement of the state’s air, land, fish, wildlife, and other natural resources.