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Public Waters Name Changes

Public Waters and Public Waters Wetlands Name Changes

Some public waters and public waters wetlands contained in the original Public Waters Inventory lists have had their names legislatively or legally changed. The changes are listed below by county.

County Basin ID# PWI Type PWI Name MDNR Commissioner Approved Name Changes Other Names*
Aitkin 1-3 P Dutch   Sandabacka
Aitkin 1-4 P Sandabacka   Dutch
Aitkin 1-132 P Hansen Lake   Hanson Lake
Aitkin   P Unnamed to Unnamed Musselshell Creek  
Becker 3-82 P Squaw Lake Wahbegon Lake  
Becker 3-105 P Collett Lake Collet Lake  
Becker 3-219 P Squaw Lake Equay Lake  
Becker 3-287 P Pickeral Lake   Pickerel Lake
Becker 3-357 P Monson Lake   Munson Lake
Becker 3-638 P Beseau Lake Bijou Lake  
Beltrami 4-161 P Bailey Lake Des Moines Lake  
Beltrami 4-163 W Des Moines Lake   Unnamed
Beltrami   P Squaw Creek Arntson Creek  
Big Stone 6-135 P South Rockwell Lake South Rothwell Lake  
Big Stone 6-147 P North Rockwell Lake North Rothwell Lake  
Brown 8-54 P Altematt Lake   Altermatt Lake
Carlton   P Moose River Moose Horn River  
Carlton   P Squaw Creek Fond du Lac Creek  
Carlton   P West Branch Moose Horn River West Fork Moose Horn River  
Carver 10-216 W Unnamed McKnight Lake  
Carver 10-217 W Unnamed Lake Jonathan  
Carver 10-225 W Unnamed Brickyard Clayhole  
Carver 10-226 P Firemen's Lake Firemens Clayhole  
Cass 11-203 P Squaw Point - Leech Lake Oak Point - Leech Lake  
Cass 11-265 P Squaw Lake Little Woman Lake  
Cass 11-282 P Mann Lake Man Lake  
Cass 11-305 P Squaw Point - Gull Lake Gull Point - Gull Lake  
Cass 11-361 P Sanburn Lake Sanborn Lake  
Cass 11-469 P Anoway Lake Anway Lake  
Cass 11-729 W Squaw Pond Scout Camp Pond  
Clearwater 15-5 P Squaw Lake Ozawindib Lake  
Cook 16-24 P Squaw Lake Olga Lake  
Cook 16-175 P Lower Trout Lake   Bower Trout Lake
Cook 16-417 P Trucker Lake   Tucker Lake
Cook 16-539 P Unnamed Jester Lake  
Cook 16-626 P Jap Lake Paulson Lake  
Crow Wing 18-7 W Unnamed Kutil Lake  
Crow Wing 18-76 P Long Lake Placid Lake  
Crow Wing 18-78 W Whang Lake Vang Lake  
Crow Wing 18-79 W Long Lake Peterson Lake  
Crow Wing 18-80 P Goose Lake Arbor Lake  
Crow Wing 18-94 P Mud Lake Lake Cuyuna  
Crow Wing 18-153 W Unnamed Mine Lake  
Crow Wing 18-184 P Roger Lake   Rogers
Crow Wing 18-207 P Square Lake Little Emily Lake  
Crow Wing 18-426 W Bergland Lake Berglund Lake  
Douglas 21-34 P Unnamed Mill Pond  
Douglas 21-42 P Chicks (Childs)   Childs
Douglas 21-103 P Lake Cowdry Lake Cowdrey  
Douglas 21-111 P Cook (Cork)   Cork
Douglas 21-125 P Kiehne Lake Private Lake  
Douglas 21-191 W Unnamed Martin Lake  
Douglas 21-225 P Mud (Long) Lake Golden Pond  
Douglas 21-306 P Unnamed Holl Lake  
Freeborn 24-025 P Pickeral   Pickerel
Goodhue 25-13 W Devil's Lake Devils Lake  
Hennepin 27-99 W Mud Lake Lake Camelot  
Hennepin 27-108 P Snyder Lake Kreatz Lake  
Hennepin 27-110 P Lake Wobegon   Cavanaugh
Hennepin 27-121 P Schmidt Lake Edward Lake  
Hennepin 27-189 P Tom Lake Lake Irene  
Hennepin 27-467 W Kreatz Lake Unnamed Wetland  
Hennepin 27-468 W Unnamed Wetland Snyder Lake  
Hubbard 29-195 W Deer   Deep
Itasca 31-174 W Herrigan   Harrigan
Itasca 31-175 P Button Bow   Buttonbox
Itasca 31-177 P Little Island   Trible
Itasca 31-179 P Trible   Little Island
Itasca 31-639 P Balloon Lake Hooligan Lake  
Itasca 31-711 P Unnamed Lang Lake  
Itasca 31-640 P Barney Lake Balloon Lake  
Itasca 31-802 P Lac A Roy Lake Lac a Roy Lake  
Itasca 31-812 P Big Club Lake   Ball Club Lake
Itasca 31-837 P Norma Lake   Noma Lake
Itasca 31-877 P Squaw Lake Natures Lake  
Itasca 31-1101 P Unnamed Lake Boiler Lake  
Kandiyohi 34-158 P Mud Lake (Monongalia) Lake Monongalia  
Kandiyohi 34-169 P Wagonga Lake Lake Wakanda  
Kandiyohi 34-421 W Unnamed Dia Linn Lake  
Koochiching/St. Louis   P Squaw Creek Bois Forte Creek  
Koochiching 36-19 P Tuefer Lake   Teufer Lake
Lake 38-57 P Hogback Lake Canal Lake (38-0057-02) - south arm  
Lake 38-57 P Hogback Lake Hogback Lake (38-0057-01) - north arm  
Lake 38-584 P Pictro Lake   Pietro Lake
Lake 38-668 P Swallow (Deep) Lake Deep Lake  
Lake 38-811 P Squaw Bay - Fall Lake Mist Bay - Fall Lake  
Lake   P Squaw Creek Fall Creek  
Lake   P Unnamed to Split Rock River Strand Creek  
LeSueur 40-57 P Lake Frances   Lake Francis
LeSueur/Scott   P Unnamed to Raven Creek Philipps Creek  
Martin 46-14 P Wilmert Lake Willmert Lake  
Martin 46-23 P Bardwell Lake Mud Lake  
Meeker 47-17 P Long Lake Collins Lake  
Meeker 47-37 P Mud Lake Boo Lake  
Meeker 47-53 P Benton Lake   Hurley Lake
Meeker 47-54 P Hurley Lake   Benton Lake
Meeker 47-69 P North Buckley (Rush) Lake North Buckley Lake  
Meeker 47-70 P South Buckley (Smiley) Lake South Buckley Lake  
Morrison 49-73 P Mott Lake   Alott Lake
Morrison   P Arramba Creek Mischke Creek  
Murray 51-79 P Iran Lake   Iron Lake
Olmsted   P Unnamed Minnow Brook  
Otter Tail 56-247 P Fischer (Carroll) Lake Fischer Lake  
Otter Tail 56-381 P Mud (Amor) Lake Amor Lake (56-0381-01) - east arm  
Otter Tail 56-381 P Mud (Amor) Lake Mud Lake (56-0381-02) - west arm  
Otter Tail 56-386 (3) P Big McDonald #2 McDonald Lake (56-0386-03)  
Otter Tail 56-513 P Ottos (Lewis) Lake Ottos Lake  
Otter Tail 56-532 P Leek (Trowbridge) Lake Leek Lake (56-0532-02) - west arm  
Otter Tail 56-532 P Leek (Trowbridge) Lake Trowbridge Lake (56-0532-01) - east arm  
Pine   P Unnamed Rock Dam Creek  
Polk 60-288 P Unnamed Schulstad Lake  
Polk 60-329 P Wahl Bakken  
Pope 61-114 W Unnamed Fosse Lake  
St. Louis 69-35 P Murphy Lake Tommila Lake  
St. Louis 69-44 P Long Lake Butterball Lake  
St. Louis 69-47 P Mud Lake Black Mallard Lake  
St. Louis 69-49 P Unnamed Little Butterball Lake  
St. Louis 69-97 P Old Squaw Lake Nightengale Lake  
St. Louis 69-166 P Sparrow Lake   Purvis Lake
St. Louis 69-254 P Bearhead Lake   Bear Head Lake
St. Louis 69-378 P Unnamed Island - Vermilion Lake Holmbo Island - Vermilion Lake  
St. Louis 69-498 P Squaw Island - Trout Lake Equay Island - Trout Lake  
St. Louis 69-630 W Mud Lake Golden Pond  
St. Louis 69-693 P Lone Squaw Island - Namakan Lake Nokomis Island - Namakan Lake  
St. Louis 69-693 P Squaw Narrows - Namakan Lake Voyageur Narrows - Namakan Lake  
St. Louis 69-738 P Long Lake Mulden Lake  
St. Louis 69-797 P Mud Lake Watercress Lake  
St. Louis/Koochiching   P Squaw Creek Bois Fort Creek  
St. Louis   P Unnamed to Dark River Watercress Creek  
St. Louis   P Unnamed to South Branch Whiteface River Kim's Creek  
St. Louis   P Long Lake Creek Butterball Creek  
Scott 70-153 W Unnamed   Jeffers Pond
Scott 70-260 W Unnamed Featherstone Lake  
Scott/LeSueur   P Unnamed to Raven Creek Philipps Creek  
Sherburne 71-31 W Unnamed Prairie Hill Lake  
Sherburne 71-34 W Unnamed Lake Margritte  
Sibley 72-18 P Mud Lake Erin Lake  
Stearns 73-31 P Bakers (Watab) Lake Bakers Lake  
Stearns 73-88 P Bolting Lake Bolfing Lake  
Steele   P Unnamed to Unnamed Izaak Walton Creek  
Wabasha 79-10 P Richard Doer Pools   Richard Dorer Pools
Wabasha   P Unnamed Zell Creek  
Washington 82-80 P Halfbreed Lake Lake Keewahtin  
Washington 82-116 W Unnamed Armstrong Lake  
Washington 82-391 W Unnamed Lake Veronica Pond  
Washington 82-419 W Unnamed Lake Margaret Lake  
Washington   P Unnamed to Eagle Point Lake Raleigh Creek  
Washington   P Unnamed stream, sections 21, 22, 27 & 28, T. 29, R. 21 Farney Creek  
Washington   P Unnamed stream, sections 21, 28, T. 29, R. 21 North Farney Creek  
Wright 86-26 P Mud Lake Hunters Lake  
Wright 86-27 W Potanski Lake Spotanski Lake  
Wright 86-185 W Mud Lake Mallard Pass Lake  
Wright 86-279 P Twin Lake West Lake Sylvia  
Wright 86-289 P Sylvia Lake East Lake Sylvia  

* Substantial evidence exists that these names are correct because of application errors, misspellings, or other reasons.

PWI Type:
P = Public Waters
W= Public Waters Wetlands
Dated: November 17, 2016