What are wetlands?

Chances are, when you think of wetlands, you think of a swampy, marshy place covered with ducks and cattails. And you would be right! However, there are many different types of wetlands. Some wetlands actually appear to be dry for most of the year and might even be covered with trees and shrubs.

According to the experts, a wetland has mostly wet soil, is saturated with water either above or just below the surface and is covered with plants that have adapted to wet conditions.

Wetland facts

There are about 10.62 million acres of wetlands remaining in Minnesota. This estimate of wetland acreage for Minnesota is based on an extensive scientific survey of almost 5000 random plots conducted between 2006 and 2008. This survey is part of an ongoing monitoring program designed to evaluate potential wetland gains and losses in Minnesota.

Wetland Management

Wetlands Conservation Act

The Wetland Conservation Act is administered by local units of government with oversight from the Board of Water and Soil Resources.