Hinckley Area Fisheries Office

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Hinckley Area Fisheries Office
P.O. Box 398
306 Power Avenue North
Hinckley, MN 55037
tel. 320-384-7721
fax. 320-384-6160

Office location map

Hinckley Area Fisheries Office boundary map.

Driving directions to office:
From I 35 Hinckley exit (State Highway 48): Go west on Highway 23/48 (Fire Monument Road). Turn RIGHT at the first stop sign (County Road 61). Go north six blocks past downtown Hinckley; turn RIGHT at Second Street (just past the Conoco station). Go two blocks; turn LEFT at Power Avenue. The office is located in the large blue and white pole building; enter at the fourth door to the right.

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5/22/2014 Update on winterkill lakes

Fisheries crews have been sampling lakes that had low oxygen levels to determine the severity of winterkill. North Center, Little, and Spider lakes in Chisago County, Pomroy and Mora lakes in Kanabec County, North and South Stanchfield and Seventeen lakes in Isanti County and Dago and Rock lakes in Pine County all had near complete fish kills. Adult northern pike have already been stocked in North Center, Little, and Pomroy lakes; these fish still had eggs and could have spawned after they were stocked. Walleye fry will be stocked around Memorial Day weekend. Some pre-spawn largemouth bass have been stocked in North Center. More bass, sunfish, and crappies will be stocked in these lakes as they become available. It usually takes several years for fishing to return to normal following a winterkill, but fish usually grow faster in winterkill lakes due to decreased competition for food.

5/5/2014 Trout to be stocked in Crooked Creek, Grindstone Lake May 13

Crooked Creek and Grindstone Lake will be stocked with catchable size rainbow and brown trout on Tuesday, May 13. Crooked Creek will receive 300 brown and 300 rainbow trout, and Grindstone will receive 2500 brown and 5000 rainbow trout. Normally stocking is scheduled before the trout season opener in May on Grindstone, but late ice out this year caused the hatchery schedule to be delayed.

3/19/2014 Low dissolved oxygen levels may lead to fish kills

The winter of 2013-2014 has been the worst in recent history for dissolved oxygen levels on some area lakes. Early, heavy snow cover on ice reduced the amount of sunlight available to aquatic plants, which provide oxygen through the winter if there is enough light. North Center Lake in Chisago County is the largest lake known to have been affected; that lake had not had even a partial winterkill in over 40 years. Other affected lakes include: Chisago County- Little (13-0033); Moody (13-0023); Spider (13-0019); Goose (north basin only) (13-0083). Isanti County- Francis (30-0080); North Stanchfield (30-0143); South Stanchfield (30-0138); Long (30-0056); Long (30-0072); Florence (30-0035); Baxter (30-0114). Kanabec County- Mora (33-0034); Pomroy (33-0009). Pine County- Dago (58-0073).

Lakes will be evaluated after ice-out to determine the extent of fish kills. In some cases, stocking may be done to re-establish spawning populations of fish. There are currently no plans to open any lakes to liberalized fishing.



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