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23785 Grosbeak Road
Lanesboro, MN 55949

Anglers who fish in Fillmore, Houston, Winona and portions of Olmsted and Wabasha county benefit from the management, habitat and oversight work of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Lanesboro area fisheries staff.

Area Fisheries Supervisor Ron Benjamin and a staff of five full-time, two seasonal and one part-time employee manaLicense Dollars At Workge 170 miles of bass/warm-water rivers and 600 miles of trout streams. These waters include popular fishing destinations such as the Root River, Trout Run Creek and Whitewater River.

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At work for you

Lanesboro area fisheries biologists electro-fishing on a southeastern Minnesota  trout stream.

Lanesboro area fisheries biologists electro-fishing on a southeastern Minnesota trout stream.

  • Manage more than 600 miles of trout and 170 miles of warm-water streams.
  • Manage and monitor 175 miles angling easements and acquire multiple new angling easements to increase angling opportunities in southeastern Minnesota.
  • Utilize professionally trained staff to improve trout habitat in 1-2 miles of streams each year.
  • Conduct more than 80 stream surveys and population assessments to update more than 10 stream management plans along with long-term monitoring of 20 stream segments.
  • Provide public information, education and multiple outreach programs annually. Lanesboro provides and transports fish to many southern Minnesota county fair displays.
  • Manage a trout stocking program to re-introduce and foster the establishment of heritage strain of brook trout; stock 360,000 brown trout fingerlings annually to augment area of poor natural reproduction; and stock 78,000 yearlings in small towns for anglers, especially youth and senior.

Contact our Lanesboro staff

Ron Benjamin Area supervisor 507-467-2442, Ext. 222
Vaughn Snook Assistant area supervisor 507-467-2442, Ext. 225
Joyce Rusert Office administraive specialist 507-467-2442, Ext. 221
Jason Roloff Fisheries specialist 507-467-2442, Ext. 224
Vacant Fisheries specialist -  
Travis Viker Fisheries technician 507-467-2442, Ext. 228
Steve Erickson Stream habitat improvement 507-467-2442, Ext. 227
Melissa Konsti Stream habitat specialist 507-875-2625