Lanesboro area



Southeast Minnesota Stream Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) Program

Objective: To increase the understanding of cyclic trout populations, watershed health, and aquatic resources of southeast Minnesota

Criteria for choosing and prioritizing specific streams is based on...

High Priority Streams

  1. Gribben Creek
  2. Root River, South Branch
  3. Trout Run Creek
  4. West Indian Creek
  5. Whitewater River, South Branch
  6. Winnebago Creek

Medium Priority Streams

  1. Bear Creek
  2. Beaver Creek (Whitewater)
  3. Camp Creek
  4. Cold Spring Brook
  5. East Indian Creek
  6. Ferguson Creek
  7. Forestville Creek
  8. Garvin Brook
  9. Pine Creek (New Hartford)
  10. Root River, South Fork
  11. Wells Creek
  12. Whitewater River, Middle Branch
  13. Whitewater River, North Branch

Low Priority Streams

  1. Bee Creek
  2. Hay Creek
  3. Root River, North Branch
  4. Trout Brook
  5. Trout Valley Creek

Tasks for future LTM Program work:


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