Land area: 79,610.08 sq. mi.

Water area: 7,328.79 sq. mi.

Total area: 86,938.87 sq. mi.

State Length: 406 miles

State Width: 348 miles

Lowest Point: Lake Superior shore - 602 ft.

Highest Point: Eagle Mountain, Cook County - 2301 ft.

Average Mean Altitude: 1200 ft.

Largest County: St. Louis - 6,125 sq. mi.

Smallest County: Ramsey - 154 sq. mi.


State-Owned Lands Managed by the DNR

as of June 2008

DNR Management Program Approx. Acres Managed
State Forests 3,125,250
Wildlife Management Areas 1,129,700
Other Areas Managed for Forestry 722,500
State Parks and Recreation Areas 227,400
Scientific & Natural Areas 177,250
Other Areas Managed for Wildlife 74,700
Aquatic and Fish Management Areas 25,600
Building Sites and Undesignated Lands 25,000
State Trails 9,100
Mineral Lands 3,750
Water Access Sites 2,850
Wild and Scenic Rivers 1,500
Water Management Areas (Dams) 750
Water Trails 700
Wetland Bank Projects 300
Total DNR managed acres 5,526,350

Source: DNR Land Records Database

The DNR also administers state mineral rights underlying approximately 13.5 million acres. DNR has administrative responsibility to manage trust lands (in FY07 a total of $18.5 million was deposited in the Permanent School Fund), and to make PILT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) payments to the counties, which totaled about $20 million for FY06.

(Updated June 2008)