Forest Stewardship

Forest stewardship

photo: Before and after tree planting photo by Eli Sagor

Overview: The DNR Forest Stewardship Program provides technical advice and long-range forest management planning to interested landowners. All aspects of the program are voluntary. Plans are designed to meet landowner goals while maintaining the sustainability of the land. The entire property except active farming areas, is covered by the plan.

graphic: Map in Minnesota with location of plan writersWoodland Stewardship Plan: The first step is to draw up a forest stewardship plan to help you and your forester better understand your forest lands and what you want to accomplish with those lands. Your forest stewardship plan may be provided by a DNR forester, consulting firm, industry forester, environmental organization, or soil and water conservation district forester. To locate an approved stewardship plan preparer, visit U of M Extension's My Minnesota Woods page This link leads to an external site..

Who May Apply: Private forest landowners, including corporations whose stocks are not publicly traded and own 20–5,000 acres of land are eligible to apply for forest management assistance. At least 10 acres of the land must have or will have trees.

Why Apply: Upon registration of your stewardship plan, you will be eligible for

  1. Professional forest management assistance from a forester who can, through a forest stewardship plan and recommended forest management activities, help you meet your forest management goals.
  2. State cost-share assistance to help defer the costs of forest management
  3. Enrolling your forested lands in the Sustainable Forestry Incentive Act external link or 2c Managed Forest Land pdf property tax relief programs.
    1. 2c Managed Forest Land classification registration requirements. pdf
    2. List of SFIA parcels pdf (Contact your county assessor to determine where the parcel is located.)
    3. Comparison of 2c and SFIA. pdf
  4. Receive periodic forest management information mailings from the MN DNR.

General Information: The DNR has provided voluntary planning advice since 1947. While still based on the landowner goals, this program has expanded to include all aspects of the ecosystem as well. This program is authorized by MN Laws 88.79, This link leads to an external site.and U.S. Public Law Chapter 101 (1990 Farm Bill). Check the USDA Forest Service Forest Stewardship Program website This link leads to an external site.for more information.

How to Apply: Contact a Cooperative Forest Management (CFM) forester in your area.