Designation of Infested Waters

Waters of the state are designated as infested if it is determined that they contain aquatic invasive species (AIS) that could spread to other waters. Use of the water and related activities are regulated to prevent this.

A lake, river, pond or wetland is also designated if it is highly likely to be infested by AIS because it is connected to a water body that contains a population of an aquatic invasive species.

The described waters on the files linked below are designated infested waters, and the following explanations apply to the lists:

  • A lake in more than one county is listed under the county corresponding to its public waters inventory number, but the designation applies to the entire lake.
  • Lake Superior and designated portions of rivers that flow through more than one county are listed under the heading Multiple Counties.
  • Ponds and wetlands that are not on the public waters inventory are listed with "none" in the number column.
  • Rivers and streams on the public waters inventory are listed without a number in the number column.

Infested Waters List (12-11-14) – Excel spreadsheet
This spreadsheet includes the waterbody name, county, species and DOW number. You can download the file and sort the information according to your needs.

Infested Waters List (12-11-14) – PDF
You can download and print this document as it is formatted.