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White-tailed deer


Initial public input complete; meetings begin

Deer Management Plan Advisory Committee meeting in St. Paul

Overview of public input period

From Jan. 31 through March 5, DNR collected public input on the draft topic areas, goal statements and sub-topic areas being considered for inclusion in the deer management plan. Download the draft topic areas and sub-topics.

More than 500 people attended one of 13 public input meetings conducted throughout Minnesota. An additional 1,400 comments were submitted through an online questionnaire, email and mail. Download the summary.

A more detailed response to comments and common themes will be available this spring.

Deer management plan advisory committee continues work

Discussion focused on draft objectives and strategies for the topic of healthy habitat during the committee's sixth meeting on June 21 in Sauk Rapids.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, at the Sauk Rapids Government Center Community Room, 250 Summit Ave N, in Sauk Rapids.

Tentative committee timeline

The committee will meet monthly for the remainder of the year, tentatively, the third Wednesday of each month. Each month the committee will identify shared goals and objectives for each draft topic area. A draft of the deer management plan will be completed by December 2017 with an additional public input period to comment on the draft.

With the exception of Oct. 18, it is anticipated most committee meetings will occur at the Sauk Rapids Government Center. Additional materials and information is available by request. Please email, big game program leader, for more information.

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Planning it out

A number of other states have developed plans to manage white-tailed deer.
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Male white-tailed deer in field

Deer: Then & now

Learn about the origins of the white-tailed deer in Minnesota and how DNR has managed them.
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How to stay informed

Citizens who are not members of the Deer Management Plan Advisory Committee are encouraged to stay informed about the deer plan and opportunities to be involved by using this form to sign up for the Deer Notes e-mail newsletter.