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Committee identifies topics for discussion

Deer Management Plan Advisory Committee meeting in St. Paul

Public discussions begin online & statewide Jan. 30, end March 5

We want to hear from you

Whether or not you attend a meeting or submit comments, please complete a separate online deer questionnaire today.

Public discussion of goals and values that could define Minnesota's first-ever deer management plan is underway at a series of public engagement meetings the Department of Natural Resources will host throughout the state between Tuesday, Jan. 31, and Thursday, March 2.

Deer plan committee members identified draft deer plan topic areas, goals and subtopics. At each public meeting, participants will be asked for their feedback on the information, including identifying any goals that may have been missed and suggesting how the department could best achieve each goal.

Unlike typical input meetings, considerable time will be devoted to small group brainstorming and discussions to get in-depth discussions and feedback. The format will help ensure we capture everyone's ideas in more detail and depth.

Meetings will be from 6:30-9 p.m. and are scheduled in:

Everyone – even if they attend a meeting – is encouraged to complete a separate online deer questionnaire. The questionnaire will remain open through Sunday, March 5.

People who are unable to attend a meeting may send an email to or written comments via postal mail to Deer Plan, Attn: Adam Murkowski, 500 Lafayette Rd., St, Paul, MN, 55155-4020.

Comments will be summarized in March 2017 and shared with DNR staff and deer plan committee members. DNR won't respond to individual comments but will provide a public response to key themes identified during this 2017 comment period. A second comment period will be offered in 2018 once a draft deer management plan is completed and available for review.

During the next year, committee members will review technical information and public input collected through this and other processes. The committee will make recommendations to the DNR for the deer plan, which is expected to be finished by the spring of 2018.

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Planning it out

A number of other states have developed plans to manage white-tailed deer.
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Male white-tailed deer in field

Deer: Then & now

Learn about the origins of the white-tailed deer in Minnesota and how DNR has managed them.
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Other opportunities to be heard

Citizens who are not members of the Deer Management Plan Advisory Committee are encouraged to attend a public input meeting, submit a comment or participate in other ways. To stay informed about the deer plan and opportunities to be involved, use this form to sign up for the Deer Notes e-mail newsletter.