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Sugar Lake: Meet the Owners

Bob and Sharon Steetar property

Bob and Sharon Streetar own 170 feet of shoreline along Sugar Lake.

As Sharon explains, their lakefront property was very special to them.

headphone icon, Sharon Streetar closeup Sharon Streetar talks about Sugar Lake.

Problems and Challenges

Steetar shore before restoration begins

For years, the Streetars mowed to the water's edge, which affected both natural habitat and water quality. Over time, the Streetars noticed some disturbing changes along their shoreline: they were losing over a foot of soil a year due to erosion.

The shoreline also suffered from the effects of ice push. After several years of damage, the Streetars installed rock riprap - but continued to have problems.

During the summer of 1999, the Streetars looked for a more permanent and a more satisfying solution. They had three objectives:

headphone icon, Sharon Streetar closeup Sharon Streetar discusses their shoreline problems.