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Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas Program

Plant survey in the Red Lake Peatland SNA.

The Scientific and Natural Area Program encourages research to advance the knowledge of all aspects of natural systems. A wealth of data has been collected from a wide variety of research conducted on Natural Areas. New proposals are welcomed.

The program gives priority to research that monitors the effects of management practices on Natural Areas without causing harm to existing species and habitats. All research proposals receive careful consideration.

Projects may include:

...or anything that increases our understanding of natural systems without impacting the site's natural resources.

Who can apply to conduct research?

Researchers, including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as university professors and independent scientists, are strongly encouraged to apply. All researchers must submit a completed research application PDF.

Applications must include and describe:

As a general rule, researchers must submit a copy of their findings to the Scientific and Natural Area Program no later than two years after completion of the project. If applicable, they must also deposit any collected specimens in an approved Minnesota public institution.