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Summer Naturalist Corps

A naturalist at work.

Interested in a career as a naturalist?

Each year, Naturalist Corps members gain valuable on-the-job, career-driven summer work experience in Minnesota state parks and on state trails. Jobs are available as college internships or for college graduates.

Naturalist Corps members will:

How to apply

You must apply online. Follow the instructions in the region-specific descriptions, using the links below. You will need to submit your resume, cover letter, and two references. Your cover letter must state that you are a permanent Minnesota resident, you have completed one year of post-secondary education, and that you will be on an approved college internship - OR - that you have graduated with a two or four year degree in a natural resources related field.

Students should contact their advisor, Cooperative Education, or Placement Office for academic internship procedures and eligibility.

  1. For more information about this job opening go to Minnesota Careers.
  2. On the Job Search page enter the Naturalist in the Keywords search box and click Search.
  3. Click on the Job Title to view the job postings.
  4. If interested, click Apply.

Locations of summer 2017 positions


Naturalist Corps jobs are 3.5 month, full-time summer positions that are available from early to mid-May through Labor Day (flexible, varies according to school year and state park). The work hours vary, but will include afternoons, evenings, days, weekends, and holidays.

Pay is $15 per hour. No benefits, but uniforms are provided.

Major responsibilities

Minimum qualifications

To qualify, applicants must meet the following qualifications and state them in their resume or cover letter:

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This program is made possible by funds from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.