Fish Catch Rate (Abundance) Tables


We summarized lake survey information in the tables below to show our catch rates-- one measure of fish abundances-- of some popular sportfish species in local lakes.


Information is from lakes having public access and a DNR Fisheries survey no older than 2008. When using these data, anglers should be aware 1) unlisted lakes might currently have fishable populations of a species, but our survey data is outdated and 2) high catch rates can reflect less-desirable size structures (high proportions of small fish).


For more detailed information on a particular lake's fish populations, check LakeFinder or Recent Local Fish Surveys sections of the MN DNR web site. Fish abundances in Fishing in the Neighborhood (FiN) lakes and ponds are not included, but detailed information for such waters in Hennepin, Carver, and Scott Counties can be found by clicking on the appropriate county link.


Bluegill values are from trap net sampling results, while walleye and northern pike values are from gill net sampling results; black crappie values are the larger number from either net type.  Catch rates are expressed as the average number of fish per net.

Largemouth bass are best sampled by boat electrofishing. We have not been able to do this sampling as frequently and intensively as net sampling, so lack enough data to provide useful catch comparisons for this species.


West Metro Fisheries Area Catch Rate Summaries By Species:



Number/Net Range  Lakes [Alt. Name] (County)
6 or More Independence, Oak, O'Dowd
4-5.9 Nokomis, Spring
1-3.9 Bryant, Calhoun, Cedar (Scott), Eagle (Carver), Half Moon, Harriet, Hyland, Lake of the Isles, Lower Prior, Long, Lotus, McMahon (Carls), Medicine, Minnetonka [all 3 basins], Parley, Riley, Sarah, Susan, Upper Prior, Waconia
0.1-0.9 Bush, Cedar (Hennepin), Eagle (Hennepin), Fish (Hennepin), Fish (Scott), Minnewashta, Virginia


                                       Northern Pike

Number/Net Range
 Lakes [Alt. Name] (County)
15 or More Ann, Auburn, Bush, Hydes, Minnetonka- Lower Lake, Minnewashta, Mitchell, Lucy, Riley, Weaver, Zumbra
10-14.9 Bryant, McMahon [Carls], Medicine, Minnetonka- Upper Lake, Parley, Sarah, Starring [Staring], Susan
6-9.9 Bavaria, Half Moon, Harriet, Minnetonka- North & West Bays, Pierson [Piersons], Snelling, Steiger, Thole, Twin
0.1-5.9 Calhoun, Cedar (Hennepin), Dutch, Eagle (Carver), Eagle (Hennepin), Fish (Hennepin), Fish (Scott), Independence, Lake of the Isles, Little Long, Long, Lotus, Lower Prior, Nokomis, Oak, O'Dowd, Red Rock, Reitz, Spring, Spurzem [Spurzen], Upper Prior, Virginia, Waconia, Wasserman, Whaletail, Zumbra


                                     Black Crappie

Number/Net Range
 Lakes [Alt. Name] (County)
30 or More Cedar (Scott), Eagle (Carver), Independence, Oak, Spring, Swede, Wasserman
20-29.9 Nokomis, Starring [Staring], Twin
10-19.9 Auburn, Half Moon, Hydes, Long, Lotus, McMahon [Carls], Medicine, Murphy, O'Dowd, Rebecca, Sarah, Upper Prior, Thole, Waconia, Whaletail
0.1-9.9 Ann, Bavaria, Bryant, Bush, Calhoun, Cedar (Hennepin), Dutch, Eagle (Hennepin), Fish (Hennepin), Fish (Scott), Harriet, Hyland, Lake of the Isles, Lotus, Lower Prior, Lucy, Minnetonka [all 3 basins], Minnewashta, Mitchell, Little Long, Parley, Pierson [Piersons], Red Rock, Reitz, Riley, Round, Snelling, Spurzem [Spurzen], Steiger, Susan, Virginia, Weaver, Zumbra



Number/Net Range
 Lakes [Alt. Name] (County)
75 or More Auburn, Cedar (Scott), Harriet, McMahon [Carls], Murphy, Nokomis, Round, Rebecca, Steiger, Virginia, Zumbra
51-74.9 Ann, Fish (Scott), Independence, Little Long, Parley, Riley, Minnewashta, Snelling, Twin, Waconia, Wasserman, Weaver
26-50.9 Bryant, Calhoun, Dutch, Eagle (Carver), Fish (Hennepin), Hydes, Hyland, Lake of the Isles, Long, Lucy, Medicine, Oak, O'Dowd, Spurzem [Spurzen], Starring [Staring], Reitz, Upper Prior
0.1-25.9 Bush, Cedar (Hennepin), Eagle (Hennepin), Half Moon, Lotus, Lower Prior, Mitchell, Pierson [Piersons], Red Rock, Sarah, Spring, Susan, Swede, Thole, Whaletail

Updated September 25, 2015 to include 2015 survey results