Biomass program

Division of Forestry


Are you looking for funding for a biomass energy project? Check out these resources:

2013 Hazardous Fuels—Woody Biomass Utilization Grant Program external linkmay be used for feasibility studies or business plans, as working capital for marketing value-added agricultural products, and for farm-based renewable energy projects. Eligible applicants include independent producers, farmer and rancher cooperatives, and agricultural producer groups.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce external linklists state and federal funding opportunities related to energy research, development, and education.

Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)external link provides seed grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout Minnesota. Funding covers labor costs, spurring community development and supporting local jobs.

The Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporationexternal link supports small and medium-size enterprises in the early stages of developing new clean technology. Eligible projects include proof-of-concept, research and development, and small pilot scale initiatives.

MN NextGen RFP now open. The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the FY2014 Minnesota Department of Agriculture Bioenergy and Biochemical Grants is now online.external link

The deadline for submissions is still Friday, January 10, 2014, at 4:00PM. The Next Generation Energy Board was established by the governor and the MN Legislature in 2007 as part of the Next Generation Energy Act. This act established nation-leading requirements on MN's electric utilities, expanded and strengthened the state's commitment to development of locally owned renewable energy projects, and put MN as one of the top states leading the way toward reducing GHG emissions.