Taking Kids Ice Fishing

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January 13-15, 2018

Take-A-Kid Ice Fishing Weekend: Residents fish or spear fish for free when accompanied by a child age 15 or under.

Catch some quality family time and plan a special ice fishing weekend.

Learn about fishing basics, check regulations and find places to fish using LakeFinder at Fish Minnesota. Trout fishing is also an option for the weekend. A trout stamp is only required to fish for trout when an angling license is also required. Because people fishing with a kid don't need a license on Take a Kid Ice Fishing Weekend, the stamp requirement also does not apply.

Helpful Links & Fun Stuff For Kids

The Right Clothing Keeps Anglers Warm and Dry

Basic Safety Gear for Your Ice Fishing Trip

Fishing Equipment

Avoid accidents on the ice


Preventive Measures

Slipping on the ice

Wear boots with rubber soles. Don't run on the ice.

Stepping in a hole

Set boundaries. Watch where you step. Look for holes in the ice. Use an auger with a diameter of less than 6 inches.


Wear sunscreen.


Cover your face. Wear layers to block wind.


Remain alert. Are you getting too cold? Wiggle fingers and toes. Tell someone that you are getting cold.

Getting lost

Know your area. Carry a phone, compass, map or a GPS unit.