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Tree stand safety

Tree stand accidents are the leading cause of injury to hunters. One in three people who hunt from an elevated stand will have a fall resulting in serious injury.

The following information will provide you with tips and information for safe tree stand hunting.

Types of Tree Stands

The following is a description of some of the more well known types of tree stands:

Hunter sitting in a tree standSafety Harnesses

Recovery From a Fall

Preparation and prevention are the keys to safe tree stand use.

3 Point Rule

Follow the 3 Point Rule of tree stand safety. Always have 3 points of contact to the steps or ladder before moving. This could be two arms and one leg holding and stepping on the ladder or one arm and two legs in contact with the ladder before moving. Be cautious that rain, frost, ice or snow can cause steps to become extremely slippery. Check the security of the step before placing your weight on it.

Hunter pulling up a bowSafety Guidelines

For a quick safety course that covers all aspects of tree stand safety, go to:

For more tree stand safety information, go to: