Cross-country skiing

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Miles of cross-country ski trails meander through dozens of Minnesota state parks. Try one of the many candlelight ski events this winter, and remember to check the snow conditions before you head out!

Top 12 skiing destinations

Perfect for a weekend ski trip

Occasional groomed ski trails

Trails: groomed at least twice a week, maintained for daily use; key trails groomed within 24 hours of a significant snow fall.
Warming shelter: available on weekends and holidays (all week at some state parks).

Trails: available for use daily and groomed at least for weekends and holidays.
Warming shelter: may be available at some locations, with a focus on availability for weekends and holidays.

Trails: available for use daily and may be groomed on some weekends or for special events. Grooming not top priority.
Warming shelter: may be available at some locations for special events or on an irregular basis.

* State parks that offer ski rentals ($10/day)
**At Wild River State Park, ski equipment is available for rental from a private concessionaire located at the park's Trail Center. Rental concession hours are Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. For rental rates or to reserve equipment, call Wild River Ski Rental at 651-257-0685.


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Please note: Occasionally, due to extreme weather or poor snow conditions, an event may need to be canceled or changed. When in doubt, call the park.