Winter hiking

The arrival of cold weather is no reason to take your walking program inside to a mall or treadmill when beautiful scenery awaits nearby at Minnesota's state parks! Plenty of state parks and recreation areas plow and pack miles of trails for winter walkers.

While you're out enjoying hiking trails in the state parks, grab a Hiking Club kit.

Check snow conditions before you head out.

Lots of parks hold organized naturalist-led walks and nighttime moonlight (or canlelight!) hikes. Find one under "Events" below.

State parks with plowed or packed trails

State parks with unplowed or unpacked trails


05/23/15 - 10/17/15

Frontenac State Park

Nature Hike

05/24/15 - 08/30/15

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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Please note: Occasionally, due to extreme weather or poor snow conditions, an event may need to be canceled or changed. When in doubt, call the park.