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Spring 2014


Zac Erickson, Grand Rapids - Roadsides for Wildlife Promotion

Zac Erickson

When Zac Erickson was just in Middle School, he contacted Carmelita Nelson, Roadsides for Wildlife Coordinator, Division of Fish and Wildlife, St Paul, to see how he could help. "Zac was enthusiastic about the Roadsides for Wildlife Program and wanted to help promote the program in Grand Rapids," said Nelson. "Over the course of four years, he has developed a banner to use at events and even raised the funds to pay for it. All on his own initiative, he signs up to have a booth at various local events such as the Farmers Show, Pheasants Forever banquets, Turkey Federation conference, and the Forest History Center. He then staffs the booth for hours, distributing our DNR publications and answering questions. He has also given PowerPoint presentations to the local Kiwanis, Circle K Club, Itasca Community College and other programs. Besides events, Zac has also contacted landowners about installing Roadsides for Wildlife signs on their property."

"Although there are probably many volunteers who put in more hours, what is so amazing about Zac is that he started volunteering when he was so young and has persevered into his busy high school years. He plans to volunteer for the Roadsides for Wildlife program for one more year and then he will be off to college," says Nelson.

Thank you, Zac, for your dedication and passion for Minnesota's natural resources!

Ann Ihrke, Spring Valley –SNA Site Steward

Ann IhrkeAnn Ihrke"Ann is a real "go-getter" as Site Steward for Cherry Grove Blind Valley Scientific and Natural Area," states Kelly Randall, SNA Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, St Paul. "She spent several days in late September - early October removing, repairing, painting and finally re-installing what had been a sad looking wood routed sign for the site. Since joining the ranks of SNA Site Stewards in May of 2013, she, along with her husband Brad and guidance from SNA Park Naturalist Mike Dunker, also removed old barbed-wire fencing along the entire eastern boundary of this site. This is the side recommended for parking and access, so their work removed a hazard to entry into Cherry Grove Blind Valley SNA."

Thank you, Ann!

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