Meet our Volunteers

Summer 2014


Bob Shields – William O’Brien State Park Volunteer

According to Diane Hedin, Parks and Trails Naturalist, William O'Brien State Park, “Bob Shields is absolutely awesome! He has assisted with many naturalist programs, taking kids out to help them learn and explore the great outdoors! His knowledge of the plants, animals and now lichens and fungus, is wonderful and Bob's easy-going personality is appreciated by the park visitors and park staff!”

Thank you, Bob!


Crow River Organization of Water (C.R.O.W.) - 10th Annual Crow River Cleanup

Volunteers dragging a tire out of the river.Last fall, 226 volunteers invested 904 hours of their time to cleaning up the Crow River near Brooten, Dayton, Delano, Hutchinson, Lester Prairie, New London, Paynesville, Rockford, St. Michael and Watertown. This was a 4-hour event held in September with volunteers working in 17 communities across the river basin. They covered 40.5 miles of shoreline, removing 5,460 pounds of trash.

Paul Nordell, Parks and Trails Adopt-a-River Coordinator, said “To help celebrate the tenth year of these cleanups, C.R.O.W. received a 50th Anniversary Water Trails grant from DNR. They further leveraged their efforts by involving 56 partnering organizations. They were thus able to provide many ways for local groups to show they cared about this tremendous natural amenity which flows through each of their communities. Thank you, C.R.O.W!”


Nathan Dahlberg – Minnesota Biological Survey Volunteer

Jeffrey Lee, Plant Ecologist/Botanist, MN Biological Survey, Duluth, says “Nathan Dahlberg assisted me by conducting rare plant surveys and vegetation plot sampling this past summer in the Superior National Forest of Cook County. He was instrumental in expediting the sampling process and also was an extra set of eyes to search for rare plants. We sampled three 20 m x 20 m plots over a two-day period and found one Special Concern plant species (Platanthera clavellata) and numerous new sub-county records. Nathan grew up in Grantsburg, WI, attended the University of Minnesota - Duluth, and is beginning his career as a botanist.”

Thank you, Nathan!


Kyle Gill – Jack Pine Research

Keith Jacobson, Assistant Regional Manager, Forestry, St. Paul, said “Kyle Gill did field measurement for some jack pine regeneration research that was being conducted cooperatively by the University of MN and DNR.”

Thank you, Kyle, for assisting with this silviculture case study!


Fisheries Student Volunteers – Central MN

Mark Nemeth, Trout Stream Habitat Specialist, St Paul, states “Students helped us with a variety of projects this past year. Students from New Prague High School assisted with sampling fish on a habitat project completed recently. This activity provided both a learning opportunity for students and provided us with assistance in data collection. We also had students from Shakopee High School help protect an eroding stream bank on the Vermillion River. In all, 22 students donated 66 hours to assist us with stream habitat projects."


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