State Forest Nursery

With over 80 years of experience, the Minnesota State Forest Nursery has perfected the art and science of growing bareroot high-quality seedlings.

Seedlings are kept in the ground long enough to develop solid root systems and strong stems. Depending on species, coniferous seedlings are lifted between 2–4 years of age and deciduous seedlings are lifted between 1–3 years of age.

We also sell transplants, which are seedlings that are moved from the initial nursery bed to another bed with wider spaces to promote growth. These improved seedlings develop strong fibrous roots and a thick stem, making them ideal for challenging sites.

Every seedling is inspected to meet high standards for height, diameter, root development, and health. Only the best seedlings are sold.

Seedling sales are open for April/May 2016 delivery or pick up »

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